Non-Revenue Sports Conference Championships Open Thread

It's late April and it's that time of the year again: where UCLA's spring non-revenue sports teams all gear up for their respective conference championships, the first step on, what we hope, will be a journey that ends with UCLA securing its' 109th (and maybe 110th) NCAA national titles. Here's what the schedule looks like after the jump.

Women's tennis gets underway in their first day of Pac-12 tournament action today at the Ojai Valley Athletic Club in Ojai. Men's tennis will get their Pac-12 tournament started tomorrow, also in Ojai. Men's golf will open the Pac-12 tournament, being held in Corvallis, tomorrow as well. Their female counterparts, the women's golf team will also start their Pac-12 tournament action tomorrow, although they'll be in action in Pullman. Finally, the women's water polo team will try to rebound from a tough regular-season finale loss to Stanford by taking on San Diego State in the opening round of the MPSF tournament tomorrow, being hosted at Stanford.

Turning to the tennis programs, the men's tournament is now a team event, as opposed to the traditional individual championship event (which the women's tournament still follows). The men, having pulled off a big upset over U$C, have earned the #1-seed in the tournament and will get a first-round bye, meaning they get to wait and watch the opening round of their tournament today. The official site has a preview here.

As for the women's program, they will still be in the individual tournament format this year, with the following Bruins in action today:

Championship Singles
Robin Anderson vs. Craig (Utah)
Pamela Montez vs. Vasilieva (WSU)
McCall Jones vs. Gibbs (Stanford)

Championship Doubles
Courtney Dolehide/Pamela Montez vs. Janssens/Schleich (WSU)
Robin Anderson/Chanelle Van Nguyen vs. Christian/Santamaria (USC)
McCall Jones/Carling Seguso vs. Goransson/Schutting (Cal)

Invitational Singles
Carling Seguso vs. Smith (ASU)
Courtney Dolehide vs. Dillon (Stanford)
Morgan Thomas vs. Musilovich (WSU)

Invitational Doubles
Holly Fleming/Thomas vs. Fournier/Koning (WSU)

The official website has a preview of the opening round here. Unfortunately, there will be no live feed or live stats to follow (thanks Chianti Dan!) but fans can keep track of the action on the UCLA women's tennis Twitter feed (@uclawtennis).

Fire away with your thoughts, analysis, and updates as our Lady Bruins get spring conference championship season underway.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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