Coach Rick Neuheisel Stayin' Classy (as his usual)

So... you finally get your "dream job". You work it for 4 years. Do your best. Work your heart out. But end up getting canned for basically, poor performance (you may not totally agree with). What do you do? Sour grapes? Point the finger? Give the finger?

Not if your name is Rick Neuheisel, you don't. I had the good fortune of running into CRN, in the flesh, just before I left campus yesterday, on one of my rare visits. I (proudly) sang Rick's praises to this community, early on during the search for Karl's replacement. I was happy he got the hire. I was glad to have him lead the program. And, if you're a CRN fan... you'll like the brief chit-chat I had with our former coach. (Thanks Nestor, for the "high five" and invite to re-post my encounter here... my first Fan Post!) My copy & paste after the jump...

I was on campus today. Had a quick chance to look on the field.

Brett had finished a set. Looked good. I think someone broke off for a long TD run. Not sure. I was too engaged in a brief chit-chat with Rick Neuheisel. That’s right. CRN. Dude’s in good, positive spirits. Naturally, he loves the Bruins, looking in on things, and of course, he was dad lookin in on his son.

I told him that I felt, whenever I saw him on video… his comments were extremely measured. He confirmed. In Rick’s view, to say otherwise would be akin to throwing the school and/or program under the bus, and he’s not about that – at all. Super Classy.

Facilities. Facilities. Facilities.
Without a committment to PROPER, SAFE, ANTI-INJURY and UPGRADED facilities… our kids, our program will continue to suffer. That was the overall message. Dude knows what he’s talking about. If you think CRN is not detail oriented… you’re wrong.

I told him I was a big supporter of his hire before he came… and like most of the world, was sorry it didn’t work out. Classy guy. Nobody, nowhere can say Rick… and Karl, for that matter, are not classy men. Asked if he’s keeping his future coaching options open, without hesitation: You Betcha! (Maybe not in Palin’s words, but that was the meaning)

Oh yes, to be fair, just before I took off… Richard Brehaut had a nice TD toss too.

Jim Mora, hopefully, won’t mince words with what’s needed in our program. I think he won’t. CJM wasn’t raised a Bruin. Love for the school is not in blood, yet. UCLA’s a great job, but not his dream job. Mora should just “come with it”. Rick was in a tough spot, and tried to play nice. Oh, well.

Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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