Bruin Twitter Round Up - The Attacks on Justin Combs, Business Ventures and More

In this week's edition of Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse, we start with the Justin Combs scholarship "issue."

We've heard from LAWeekly, a quick blurb on Huffington Post with a snarky comment about his car, and the Daily Mail starting the discussion over the weekend because news sites in the UK had nothing to post about over the weekend, but most of the tweets in support say that Justin earned the scholarship and he's doing his best NOT to be dependent on his father's wealth. You know, like how we teach our children to learn on their own.

Many Bruins jumped into the fray, defending the scholarship. Jerry Neuheisel in two parts -

You have to love this kid. I know some may argue that Jerry received his scholarship due to his father being the Coach at the time, but he's still out there fighting for UCLA, and that's all we ask of our fellow Bruins. (Plus his dad made a good chunk of change as coach, where was that uproar?)

By the way, MSM, you're only picking up on this "story" now?

Furthermore, he signed his letter back in February. California has been broke this entire time. This is not a new issue.

Justin also had a response:

Justin's mother Misa supports her son for earning his way through life. His father has stayed silent, which is probably a good idea at this time.

Incoming freshman Simon Goines is also supportive of his soon to be teammate:

Bruin Love.

As of 8:30 this morning, Justin was trending on Twitter, so this issue is not going away quietly. At least we're not Vanderbilt, who requires assistant coach applicants to send a resume and a picture of their wife.

It's graduation season for all the semester schooling people. Former Bruin punter and Twitterer extraordinaire said exactly what I have thought at many a graduation.

Note to all graduations: if you provide snacks, you will have happier attendees, instead of people in the stands, dying from the heat, and bored to death through speech number 5.

By the way, Chris Kluwe has a new business venture that fits his mindset perfectly:

It is located at 2263 Fairview Road in Costa Mesa, and Kluwe will be there the 15th and 16th.

The best kind of love is Bruin Love. In your Bruin gossip edition, Jrue Holiday and Lauren Cheney are still an item.


By the way, Lauren Cheney is being sponsored by Chobani this year and will appear in their advertisements along with five other Olympics hopefuls from the USA.

The Solid Gold Sound is preparing for next year's season, and their gear has started to trickle in from adidas:

Finally I love watching "Hard Knocks" every year. You get precious comedy bits such as Antonio Cromartie trying to name all his children or Chad Ochocinco coining the phrase "Child please." In my final Kluwe tweet of the week...

Go Bruins.

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