Followup Re. Guerrero Screwing Bruins with Jacked Up UCLA Ticket Prices

Bumped. Chianti Dan is not just screwing the fanbase, but as mentioned yesterday in process of doing so setting up his new football coach for failure. - BN Eds.

Per request wanted to loop in couple of my extensive comments (see here and here) on the topic of Dan Guerrero's athletic department jacking up the ticket prices for UCLA games at the Rose Bowl.

It seems that UCLA is too lazy to actually come up with innovative ways to improve THEIR own product, so they've just decided to take the lazy way out and gouge their customers whenever possible. Some data after the jump.

Here are the ticket prices I found on the ticket stubs I kept for the past two seasons:

Stanford: $36
Houston: $36
WSU: $36
Arizona: $36
Oregon State: $36
u$c: $80

San Jose State: $39
Texas: $60
Washington State: $37
Cal: $45
Arizona State: $37
Colorado: $37

And here's a very interesting post from the Oregonian with some data about prices for high and low demand games:

Pacific-10 Conference ticket price comparison
Home team 2008 low-demand game 2008 high-demand game 2010 low-demand game 2010 high-demand game
Arizona $12 $30 $12 $35
Arizona State $20 $55 $20 $20
California $34 $66 $35 $66
Oregon $39 $66 $31 $86
Oregon State $36 $75 $35 $75
Stanford $15 $45 $12 $40
UCLA $17 $70 $19 $80
USC $45 $75 $55 $80
Washington $25 $30 $32 $72
Washington State $28 $60 $25 $65
Average $27.10 $57.20 $27.60 $61.90

2008-2010 average change: Low-demand games $.50 (2 percent); high-demand games $4.70 (8 percent)

Looking at the price differences for 2010, UCLA has the largest difference, both absolute and percentage in the conference. And if you take it a step further, and look across all the other BCS conferences, UCLA has the largest difference compared to all of the other BCS teams that are listed as well. Certainly not a list we should enjoy being at the top of.

In other words, UCLA gouges its fanbase more than any other school whenever it has the chance. This is the same department that ran the ad in Fresno inviting people to come and watch them beat UCLA, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that this is what they do. And what they do, really, is nothing. Rather than actually do something to improve their product, they continue to be lazy and just charge as much as they can, whenever they can.

They are not selling and marketing tickets for UCLA. They are doing it for the team UCLA is playing. They are a sorry bunch without a clue on how to improve our programs.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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