Miami Football in Hot Water...again, did UCLA catch a break?

It appears that Miami Football is yet again, in another fill of trouble. According to Yahoo Sports Al Golden has failed to do the job that he pledged he would do, which entailed cleaning up the mess and corruption that plagued the Hurricanes' football program.

According to Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports, the Hurricanes head coach made a decision to hire someone close to another guy you may have heard of, Nevin Shapiro, to gain an advantage in recruiting:

"Less than one week after the University of Miami hired Al Golden as coach, members of Golden's coaching staff began using Sean "Pee Wee" Allen – a then-equipment manager and onetime right-hand man of convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro – to circumvent NCAA rules in the recruiting of multiple Miami-area players, Yahoo! Sports has learned"

More after the jump,

The article points out that Allen was purposely hired, "off-the-books",

"One former Hurricanes staffer told Yahoo! Sports that Allen was used specifically by members of Golden's staff as an "off-the-books" recruiter. As part of those duties, the staffer said Allen kept tabs on Miami-area kids, including making calls about their recruitment, and on some occasions, supplying improper transportation to and from campus that aided Miami in its efforts to gain a commitment from some prospects"

What I find the most peculiar about all of this, is that it appears the coaching staff, almost instantly began committing infractions within days of Al Golden being hired.

"...according to Allen's federal testimony and the former Hurricanes staffer, Allen's recruiting infractions occurred almost immediately after Golden's tenure began and took place with the participation of at least two other former or current coaches – former assistant Aubrey Hill, who left Miami's staff three weeks into Golden's tenure, and current assistant coach Micheal Barrow"

If this is true, then not only does Miami have a lot of explaining to do, but Coach Golden is going to have a tough time convincing people he had no idea about any of this.

I will leave you with 2 quotes from a Q&A Golden did upon first being hired by UM in 2011.

"What’s your biggest fear right now?

Golden: "What’s my biggest fear? Obviously, you don’t want to be tied to it. We work really hard from a compliance standpoint. We work really hard from an education standpoint. Harder than most, maybe the hardest. That’s part of our fabric, part of our DNA. It’s something we address every day. We send out e-mails, we talk about extra benefits, we talk about agents, we talk about all of these things that are examples all over the country. It’s something we take very seriously. Clearly, if there was an infraction and there were errors made in judgment by student-athletes on our team, then they’ll be dealt with by the university in conjunction with the NCAA. That’s where we’re at right now."

and finally,

Yesterday you said you had no idea this situation was an issue when you were hired in December. Did the university have a responsibility to tell you that this was going on?

Golden: "Only if they knew. If they knew that this was percolating, I believe they did have a responsibility to tell me. I believe they had a responsibility to tell Shawn [Eichorst]. But look, I’m happy here. My wife’s happy here. We got great kids on this team. We have commitments from 24 young men and their families that appreciate and share our core values moving forward. Again, from what I’m understanding, many of these allegations go back three years at the minimum all the way back to the early 2000s….I’m just trying to move forward."

Yes, Moving forward seems to have been his idea from the beginning. But moving forward to do what, exactly?

I know that a lot of people like Al Golden, and he was strong possibility to come to UCLA. How do you think he will come out of this? Did UCLA catch a break or is this just a blip on the radar? Thoughts?


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