Quick Football Recruiting Note: Comparing UCLA's Recruiting Pace with Last Year

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This was originally a comment on my earlier fanpost about recruiting, which was recommended to be shared in a stand alone fanpost for discussion. I expanded upon it because, hey, it's fun!

I wanted to look at the commits we had one year ago by this time. Again using for consistency:

No. of commits by July, 2011: 3 (Ian Taubler 3*, Aaron Porter 4*, Eli Ankou 2*, 3* average)
No. of commits by July, 2012: 10, 3.3* average

Some analysis and remarks after the jump (hey this is getting fun!)

So, it appears we are way ahead of schedule. I can’t wait to see what this staff will come up with as the season progresses. Also, I anticipate more commitments as the summer draws to an end, and players have been thoroughly evaluated after attending the many summer camps (HT to Bruins#1).

Last year was probably strange for a few reasons. Well, xCRN was on the hot seat last summer, no? Also, xCRN was fired in late November. CJLM was hired on Dec 10. So it partially explains why we had 20/28 commitments, or 71%, after December—that is, 3 months before signing day.

How we stack up to the Pac-12 (as of now)

Well, the cheaters only have 15 schollies this year, so they are being very selective about their offers. Currently, they are No. 4, have 11 commits with a ridiculous 4.45* average. I don't think any team in the nation will average a better star count. But, enough about cheaters.

Next up is Washington. Currently, they are No. 13, have 16 commits with a 3.25* average (6 four*). They managed to get 8 recruits to commit on a single day about two weeks ago! (HT 4everBruin)--the Tosh effect?

Our current ranking is No. 22, we have 10 commits with a 3.3* average (and 5 four* recruits!). Unlike UW, we are steadily gaining commits at rate of one per two weeks (totally guesstimating), so are taking a more calculated approach. Compare this with Arizona, who is ranked No. 23 but is averaging 2.36* on 22 commits.

Later, I'll update this fanpost to include a list of prospects.

Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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