Rundown of Current UCLA Players' High School Ratings

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I was "inspired" by a KnudsenRockne comment to list out the original star-ratings of current UCLA players, as evaluated by Scout during their recruitment. This is an information dump. No analysis added.

Feel free to let me know if you find any mistakes. I went off the UCLA rosters on and, so it might not be 100% accurate.

See full list after the jump:

Italicized and struck-through names are no longer with the team. Players who JUST left the team will have a note by their name.

In most cases, I will mention which players have made the two-deep for certain positions. The only exceptions are positions like QB, where we have no defined hierarchy. I will also bold the names of players on the two-deep, or under consideration for that position. However, since BN auto-bolds and links some player names, this is mostly going to get drowned out.

I am including all members of the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 classes. Members of the 2008 class who are still on the team will also be included.



  • *****
    • Malcolm Jones (2010) (2nd string)
  • ****
  • ***
    • Jonathon Franklin (2008) (Starter)
    • Dalton HIlliard (2009) (Strong Safety, 2nd string)
    • Kenny Walker (2012)
    • Tairen Owens (2012)
  • **


  • ***
    • Jayson Allmond (2009)


  • *****
  • ****
    • Randall Carroll (2009)
    • Shaquelle Evans (2009) (Z Receiver, starter) NOTE: Committed originally to Notre Dame.
    • Devin Lucien (2011) (X Receiver, second string)
    • Jordan Payton (2012)
  • ***
    • Jerry Johnson (2008) (X Receiver, starter)
    • Ricky Marvray (2009) (F Receiver, starter)
    • Javon Williams (2012)
    • Fabian Moreau (2012)
  • **
    • Ahmaad Harris (2012)
    • Jerry Rice Jr. (2009) (Z Receiver, 2nd string)


Offensive Tackle

Offensive Guard

  • ****
    • Xavier Su'a-Filo (2009) (Left Tackle, starter)
    • Stan Hasiak (2009)
    • Chris Ward (2010)
  • ***
  • **
    • Albert Cid (2011)


  • *****
  • ****
  • ***
    • Jake Brendel (2011) (2nd string) NOTE: dude had better get better at snapping. He is a true center.
    • Carl Hulick (2012)

Defensive Ends

Defensive Tackles

Outside Linebackers

  • *****
  • ****
  • ***
    • Aaron Wallace (2011) (Right Outside, 2nd string)
    • Kenny Orjioke (2012)
  • **

Inside Linebackers



  • *****
  • ****
  • ***
    • Stan McKay (2009) (Free Safety, 2nd string)
    • Taylor Lagace (2012)
    • Trayvon Watson (2012)


  • ***
  • **
    • Ka'imi Fairbairn (2012)



Some players are, for various reasons, not listed. That is because they are not part of any commitment class. Some of these players do not have scholarships.

Mike Fafaul (Quarterback 6th string) NOTE: He was not a four star. He was unranked by Scout and Rivals.

Sam Handler (X receiver 3rd string)

Michael Padovese (Left Tackle 2nd string)

Alexandru Chachir (Left Guard 2nd string) NOTE: presumptive starter after Wade Yandall retirement

Tre Hale (Center 3rd string)

Brett Downey (Right Tackle 3rd string)

Jordan Barrett (Y receiver 4th string)

Jackson Reeder (Y receiver 5th string)

Roosevelt Davis (F receiver 3rd string)

David Allen (Fullback Starter)

Alek Cusick (Fullback 2nd string)

Luke Gane (Fullback 3rd string)

Phillip Ruhl (Fullback 4th string)

Melvin Emesibe (Tailback 5th string)

Logan Sweet (Z Receiver 3rd string)

Tyler Scott (Z Receiver 4th string) NOTE: playing baseball as first priority

Ryan Medina (LOLB 4th string)

Jason Stewart (LILB 3rd string) NOTE: presumptive second stringer after Jared Koster transfer

Isaiah Bowens (ILB Injured, out for year)

Erick Zumwalt (Left CB 3rd string) NOTE: poor guy got scorched by Tyler Scott in spring game

Andrew Abbott (Strong Safety Starter)

Dylan Price (Strong Safety 3rd string)

Kevin McDermott (Long Snapper Starter)

Peter Hajimihalis (Long Snapper 2nd string)

Jay Weneta (Long Snapper 3rd string)

Christopher Longo (Long Snapper 4th string) NOTE: what a name.

Joe Roberts (FG Kicker 2nd string) NOTE: being replaced by Ka'imi Fairbairn

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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