Waiting For CBS "Blogposts" On NCAA Investigation of Calipari’s Top Recruit

Yesterday DC Bruins flagged a hackish piece by CBS Sportsline "bloggers" concern trolling about UCLA basketball recruiting. Keep in mind if there were actual evidence that Ben Howland or anyone from his staff broke NCAA rules while recruiting, we would be one if the first to be all over them. Instead we saw CBS hacks attack UCLA based on asinine "evidence" like this:

I mean, he turned Kentucky down.

Ooooh. He turned down one of the sleaziest coaches with an actual dirty track record down! I am wondering where is the "blogpost" from CBS "bloggers" on this:

The NCAA has expanded its inquiry into Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel, one of the nation's top recruits in the class of 2012, as two NCAA enforcement officials traveled to Noel's New Hampshire prep school for a three-hour meeting in early August. The NCAA's questions focused on the cast of characters that surrounded Noel's recruitment and how Noel paid for his unofficial visits, according to a person with knowledge of the NCAA inquiry.

This is the NCAA enforcement staff's second trip to New England regarding Noel. Assistant directors of enforcement Cindi Merrill and Frank Smith also traveled to Noel's public high school in Everett, Mass., in May to meet with school officials there.

What made the NCAA's visit to Tilton intriguing is that a senior Kentucky official, UK chief compliance officer Sandy Bell, accompanied Merrill and Smith for the meeting. Bell didn't ask many questions, according to the source, but did take notes and spoke up occasionally. The presence of two NCAA enforcement officials and Bell gives the appearance that this case has gone beyond the routine checking of top prospects, according to one former NCAA investigator

So looky here. Yet another top Calipari recruit under serious NCAA microscope (for alleged violations directly connected to Kentucky hoops).

Hey - Bozello and Goodman - we are breathlessly waiting for multiple blogposts on this story, putting it in context for Calipari's extensive track record of sleaze and cheating in every NCAA program he has every coached in. You guys are going to be all over this story. Right?

Or is everything cool here b/c OMG he signed with Calipari!


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