For a Half: UCLA Does A Showtime Lakers Imitation in China Exhibition 72-31 Win

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 15: Norman Powell #4 of the UCLA Bruins consistently rose above the weaker Chinese team. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

For the first half, who were these Ben Howland Bruins? They were in disguise. First there was Tyler Lamb playing in Khalid MacCaskill's uniform. But more the game was like watching the 80s Lakers. Before the game it was DJ Jazzy and the Fresh Prince, Run DMC, with the UCLA spirit squad for the Laker Girls. During the game it was run and Showtime. It was Howland as Paul Westhead. Howland could be heard yelling push. It was fun to watch.

There was a coop a loop Anderson passing to Powell for the dunk. Powell had a number of nice dunks and did his best Big Game James Imitation. But the game started out as the Jordan Adams show. Yep, Jordan Adams scored at least the first 8 points, some off steals. Adams may make UCLA fans say who is Shabazz?

But before I go any further, this game like my last comment was not real. I think there is better quality competition in the Wooden Center. This was not a good team and this was not a serious game. UCLA looked awesome in the first half but let me try to be more realistic in this game that was not as tough as most scrimmages. UCLA was bigger and quicker across the board. More serious thoughts after the break.

The second half was junk. The Bruins let up and the third quarter was ugly. The fourth was not much better. Howland though did keep yelling push even after a missed free throw.

I think the starting lineup was two Wears, Larry Drew II, Norman Powell, and Jordan Adams.

Drew does not like to shoot. He was PG most of the game and scored on garbage plays.

Adams does like to shoot, from anywhere. He looks good driving the ball and was dominating early.

Anderson looked a bit lost. He did not have a good game but did make some nice passes.

Smith and the Wears had a lot of silly fouls called on them. It was hard to judge them in this game because they were so much bigger and quicker. It was like the only person who could stop them was the refs.

Lamb did not stand out either way. Maybe that is the symbol of this game, not much to take as the competition was so bad. If you want to believe Howland is going to run, the first half was proof. If you want Howland gone, the second half is proof

I guess the other takeaway is maybe Adams will make a name for himself and should not be the forgotten recruit.

Go Bruins.

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