[UPDATE] UCLA Ends A Perfect 3-0 China Trip With A Comfortable 92-63 Win Over Shanghai Sharks

Bruins conquer China. Photo via @UCLAMBB

Bruins finished off their exhibition tour in China with another scoreboard convincing 92-63 win over Shanghai Sharks. According to @UCLAMBB twitter account Travis Wear finished with 26 pts and 8 rbs. From our comment threads it appears Kyle Anderson was the MVP in this game as he finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds. Jordan Adams who has reminded everyone in this trip that he too was a key part of this incoming freshman class had 18 points.

From the folks who were able to stream the game some instant observations - on Josh Smith:

Smith doesn't look like he cares. Literally doesn't care. Misses a shot? Doesn't care. Loses his man? Doesn't care. Forget about pre-season and all that jazz. In my mind, he has checked out mentally. I hope he makes good use of the academics at UCLA because that is clearly all he is there for (well, in light of his lack of enthusiasm for basketball I sure hope so).

Apparently Tyler Lamb didn't look so hot either as bryanucla described his performance as "stir-fried noodles...slippery and sprawling all over the place." Oy. But on the other hand - some good news re. Kyle, who according to DC Bruins took the game over during crunch time. Well by "crunch time" I mean it sounded like the Sharks were making somewhat of a "run" and he was the one who at least per the comment thread was taking control. It was also interesting to read about Howland going to Adams during key stretches in second half.

The quick takeaways from last few days:Jordan Adams could be a solid contributor this season:
  • Shabbazz (if he comes back in time) should take Lamb's mins in the rotation.
  • We are going to need Tony Parker given the same old story around Josh Smith.
  • Wears don't seem to be any different than last year. If Howland wants to come through with that "Boom" season he will need to get more athletic guys on the court.

[UPDATE - P]: The boxscore from today's game (PDF) is now up (HT - @UCLAMBB).

That's all we have this am. If you watched multiple games from this trip would love to get your extended reflections in our fanpost.


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