The Mayor Runs, Chianti Dan and Morgan Center Fail to Notice

It's been a crazy three days after the win over Nebraska, with everybody from hip hop mogul Sean Combs to actress Gabrielle Union showing love to our new look Bruins. One of our very own, tailback, Johnathan Franklin is getting major shoutouts from the experts, from ESPN's Mark May to Stewart Mandel at Sports Illustrated to the frontpage, after back-to-back 200+ yd rushing games. In fact, the Johnathan Franklin for Heisman campaign is officially on Facebook and has 910 members as of 9:24 today.

Even Los Angeles Times some columnist hack, Chris Foster chimed in with some insight in an article titled UCLA's Johnathan Franklin an oversight in Heisman talk?

Foster noted:

UCLA athletic department officials have no immediate plans to mount a Heisman campaign, even with a blank billboard available down the street that until recently carried the likeness of USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

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No immediate plans? The UCLA Athletic Department officials must surely be creating some hype in another way. While Matt Barkley's smug face was displayed in Times Square and Westwood, surely our Athletic Department is being proactive and campaigning for one of our very own, right?

More from Foster

UCLA spent $200,000 on a campaign for McNown, with 500 billboards in the Los Angeles area. This time, athletic department officials seem unsure whether to jump in.

"Clearly Johnathan Franklin distinguished himself in the first two weeks of the 2012 college football season," UCLA spokesman Nick Ammazzalorso said. "If we as a department determine there's a desire to launch a campaign on his behalf, we will do so at the appropriate time."

In 1998, UCLA spent $200,000 with billboards on McNown and now, during the Chianti Dan reign of error, officials seem "unsure whether to jump in."

Franklin has put up more yards this year than some entire college offenses have, yet officials are not sure what to do with his success and popularity? Does the marketing department at the Morgan Center not understand what marketing is? Success is the easiest thing to market - any halfway competent marketing mind can tell you that.

Now we ask ourselves, do we really trust Chianti Dan and his knucklehead cronies like Mark Harlan to "determine" anything when they are "unsure" now? Even after the basketball scandal on Sports Illustrated, "crisis management" and "feasibility studies," have these clowns instilled in us any sense of confidence, with regards to marketing one of the more marketable, down to earth and team-oriented players in recent UCLA football history?

Here's what Chianti Dan had to say this week in his pathetic "Word from Westwood" blog journal spam e-mail (thanks palafox)

The buzz around the UCLA football program is growing after last weekend’s dramatic victory over Nebraska that catapulted the Bruins to a Top 25 ranking. With Houston coming to the Rose Bowl this Saturday, the Bruins will be facing a Cougar team that scored more than 40 points against Louisiana Tech … Sounds like fans can expect an exciting and entertaining contest at the Arroyo.

Mora and the Bruins Record Important Win
Propelled by the offensive firepower of redshirt freshman quarterback Brett Hundley and senior running back Johnathan Franklin, who were lifted by a young but talented offensive line, and a stellar defensive second half, the UCLA football program registered a 36-30 victory over Big Ten powerhouse Nebraska to open its home season at the Rose Bowl.
With the win, in front of more than 71,000 raucous fans at the Rose Bowl, the Bruins moved into the top 25 in both the Associated Press media poll and the USA Today coaches poll, the first time the Bruins have been ranked since the 2008 season.

Unfortunately, he did not mention anything about Franklin's rising popularity in the Heisman watch but elected to go with the classic "exciting and entertaining contest" because the Cougars scored a lot vs. mighty Louisiana Tech. Hooray

71,000 raucous fans? Chianti Dan must surely be including the ~20,000 raucous Nebraska fans too?

Big Ten powerhouse Nebraska? Chianti Dan must not know the definition of powerhouse. Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin are Big Ten powerhouses. Nebraska is a Big Ten newcomer and a former Big 12 powerhouse.

Do we have any confidence in this clueless, visionless bureaucrat and his equally clueless and tonedeaf, Bruin Oregon Duck / Stanford Cardinal boss, "Chancellor" Gene Block to run our university and our storied athletic programs into the future?

Folks, it's time to keep pushing for change. Change can be great, as seen by the first two weeks of Mora/Mazzone/Spanos football. Fire Dan Guerrero. Gene Block, you're not getting any more popular either. This is UCLA, not Virginia or UC Irvine (no offense to either universities but our NCAA championships and rich athletic history and legacy matter).

Finally, the last quote from Hundley via Foster, is the most telling.

"We need to bring that discussion back across town to UCLA," Bruins quarterback Brett Hundley said this season. "Why not Johnathan Franklin?"

We hear you loud and clear, Brett. Why not Johnathan Franklin?

Even if our Athletic Department can't get it right, we believe it's time for the Mayor to get his due respect. Franklin 4 Heisman. We, UCLA Bruins are pissed off for greatness too and we can't let the Morgan Center continue to fumble away opportunities.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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