To BN Community: Thank You

Over the years we have had some wonderful threads in this community encapsulating why this is such a special place. If you haven't done it, I think it's worth reading the stories about why we bleed blue and gold here, here and here.

Yesterday we got couple of reminders why this place is so special. First, came via this comment from trbruin in reaction to a picture of 4 of our students lined up in the classic "UCLA" body paint - the classic TV shots we see from out student section year after year:

A Father's Pride

I am a third generation Bruin (‘85). I rarely post, but I've read BN at least 5 times a day since close to its inception. Blue and gold blood drips from my veins. I hate SC so much that my son's first words, I swear to God, were "SC Sucks!"

I mention this because he is now a 4th generation Bruin, and as for his fanaticism, well, he's off to a good start. He is the "U" in the above picture. To see him going crazy at his first home game as a Freshman on the front page of BN - well, words cannot describe.

I am humbled, proud, and f-ing PUMPED!!!


How can you not love that? That's the kind of stuff that makes blogging and hanging out here so worthwhile. There is something else we wanted to share that underscores the power of this community.

Yesterday our colleagues at SBN Mothership sent around some numbers to rank the numbers of 100+ college blogs in the wider SBN college network. The timeframe for these numbers was the first 13 days of college football season, so the Monday prior to the Rice game through the Nebraska game. Here is where BN checked in:

  • 3rd in pageviews (540,010), If you are wondering the most popular blogs in the SBN College division, by pageviews, are in order: Tomahawk Nation (FSU), Burnt Orange Nation (Texas), Bruins Nation (UCLA), EDSBS (CFB), and Testudo Times (Maryland)
  • 1st in hitting the SBN college blog's "Trifecta" rankings which is which looked at pageview growth from last year, unique visitors from last year, and average posts per day. BruinsNation was followed by Black Shoe Diaries (PSU), Card Chronicle (Lousiville), Coug Center (WSU), and Hammer & Rails (Purdue).

Understandably our friends at Black Shoe Diaries were pretty excited about it. So we thought all of you would appreciate it here.

Sometimes comments like the one from trbruin, who has been silent all these years is a good reminder of how amazingly diverse and large this community is.

We have had our share of differences, arguments and often we are strict with our rules. But the numbers above are a validation wrt to power of this place. They also serve up data points validating the passion of UCLA fans.

BN has been around for 7 years. Except for some flashes here and there most of that time - especially in football (the sport that is king in college athletics) - has been painful due to incompetence and a checked out UCLA administration which has shown no commitment to preserving our traditions.

Yet, despite all the heartache, pain and skepticism (I don't like using the word cynicism because if we were all cynical bastards we wouldn't be coming here day after day) this community just keeps getting stronger, with hundreds of new members every month, and expanding footprint both on Twitter and Facebook.

It's that kind of loyalty that has us positioned to enjoy something truly special (despite an incompetent AD) if we get back to where UCLA belongs in both football and basketball. Just imagine if Coach Mora closes the deal with a huge season this year.

So this is a huge thank you from all of us on the frontpage and to quote trbruin all of us here are "f-ing PUMPED!!!"


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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