Houston at UCLA: Photos

An hour before kickoff and only the die-hard fans are in the stadium baking in the heat. Because of the (ongoing) Rose Bowl renovation and where our seats are located, we were fortunate because the additional suites provide us permanent shade.
But of course, you're interested in the game, so here we go after the jump.

On Houston's second play of the game, Eric Kendricks made a heads up play by scooping up a dropped lateral that everyone else thought was a forward pass and scampered untouched for 23 yards and a touchdown.

Ka'imi Fairbairn's PAT made the score 7-0 and less than 15 seconds of game time had elapsed. Little did we know that would be all the points needed to win this game.

*YAWN* Another kickoff for a touch-back from Jeff Locke

P1080879_large P1080924_large P1080931_large
Brett Hundley hands off to Johnathan Franklin who would find the yards a bit harder to come by in this game. Sooner or later that 10+ yards per carry average was going to have to take a hit. But the Mayor did manage to gain 110 hard fought yards to reach the second spot (behind Gaston Green) in career rushing yards.
P1080953_large P1080968_large P1080978_large
Our most consistent player placed four of five punts inside the 20. P1090015_large P1090113_large P1090154_large P1090343_large P1090367_large P1090368_large P1090428_large P1090610_large P1090636_large P1090885_fg__1_large
The freshman bangs in a field goal and then we get to yawn again.

P1090895_ko__3_large P1090935_large P1090998_pass_to_manfro_large P1100185_large P1100821_halftime_large
At half time the Bruins were up 17-0 despite an erratic offensive effort. However, the defensive unit held the high-powered Houston Cougars scoreless.
Damien Thigpen greeted the second half with a 55-yard kickoff return.
A short time later Jordan James took it to the house.
P1100963_james_for_td_large P1110107_large P1110214_manfro_punt_return_large P1110346_tevin_mcdonald_int_large
Tevin McDonald grabs one of five Bruin interceptions.

The offense sputters, but Fairbairn connects on his second field goal.

On Houston's next offensive play after the Bruins kickoff, Sheldon Price gets into the INT act.
P1110454_price_int_large P1110629_fg__4_large
Another field goal. Great to see Ka'imi Fairbairn perfect on the day for extra points and field goals. Let's hope he's over the hump and has his confidence back completely.
Price gets his third pick of the game
P1110803_price_int_large P1120380_manfro_td_large
Our man Manfro scores from 14 yards out and all that's left is to celebrate the win.
P1120381_manfro_large P1120596_large P1120545_scoreboard_large

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