Thoughts from Section 16H

Great atmosphere at the game Saturday. Yes, a sea of red in the endzone and lots of red scattered throughout the stadium, but the Bruins fans were in it from the get-go.

A few thoughts from where our tickets are....

1. New intro for the team on the video scoreboard -- the camera shows the closed "BRUINS LOCKER ROOM" doors, then we see them open and watch the team come out down the path to the entrance of the stadium. They came four by four, holding hands as they marched into battle. Pretty cool.

2. Beyond that, though, no creativity on the Marketing/Video side. In fact, they used old Intro pictures of the team, some players were video, others just still photographs. Boring and unprofessional.

More after the jump...

3. The most heard comments from fellow Season Ticket holders in our section were, "We actually have a real football team," and "We have a real quarterback!"

4. As we matched Nebraska score for score, the excitement and the intensity in the stands kept building and building - reaching its frenzy on the Datone Dynamite Dropdown for the Safety.

5. We were running players in and out all game on Offense and Defense with no huddle on either side, and yet, and stupid time-outs, no hesitation, no men caught on field for a "too many men" penalty -- such a refreshing difference from last year, when we'd take a time out, then show up on the field after the timeout with an extra man on the field. This year, Coaching staff was quick and decisive. Professional What a concept.

6. The no huddle gives Hundley so much time, and he's comfortable with it. We were ready at the line of scrimmage with often 10 or 15 seconds remaining on the clock...and Hundley was so cool back there, no rush, no panic, no happy feet. Cool as ice.

7. The 50-yard touchdown pass from Hundley to MANFRO! was a thing of beauty. Hundley through a smooth, soft ball that got right where it needed to, there were three black-shirts around Manfro, but he caught it in stride and flew into the endzone. You gotta admire Hundley's calm -- more than once you could see him checking off his receivers until he found someone open.

8. What a difference -- we killed them on 3rd downs!

9. The new press box is taller and wider than the more shade on the press box side, which was appreciated in the heat.

10. Pretty impressive fireworks show after the game, a fun way to celebrate the win. Even some 'Husker fans stayed around to watch.

11. Can't wait to see when the construction is all done.

12. Amazing to hear so many names called by the announce after plays...Franklin, Lucien, Thigpen, Manfro, and on and on...again, what a difference from last year.

Can't wait for the Houston game...we'll be rocking it!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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