Thur./Fri. Night Lights: CFB Open Thread, Geof Strand, and ASU Watch Parties

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UCLA needs to win on Saturday if they want to assure themselves a chance to win the Pac-12 south. If ASU wins both of their remaining games they will be at the top of the south leaderboard no matter what happens in our final game. So for the Bruins to remain in the driver's seat, we must take down the devils. If we lose, we can still get there, but it will not be in our control. Achilles did an amazing job of breaking down the 10 scenarios (including bowl games) here. Warning: Do not read if you are drowsy!

Saturday's game will also mark the last game for Geoffrey Strand leading the alumni section in cheer. I really respect and admire all of the commitment and enthusiasm he has brought to the Rose Bowl. Sitting in the alumni section, I see the necessity of someone like Geof prodding people to get off their derrieres and yell. I know when our defense is on our end of the field, Geof really helps raise the intensity level on the opposition. UCLA has a little background on what Geof has done for UCLA football here, including giving out free beer to get people to tailgate. Frank Foellmer, Geof's sidekick will also be doing this for the last time. If you would like to say thank you in person you can join them in the Fan Zone before the game:

Friends are invited to enjoy a slice of cake and celebrate Strand's accomplishments approximately two hours prior to kickoff at the Alumni Band pre-game concert held in the Fan Zone.

Thank you Geof and Frank for all you have done for UCLA football!

Here is some footage of Geoffrey Strand doing what he loves best and as always, giving credit to every man, woman, and child for bringing on the heat:

Nice unis! Nice game!

CFB Games to Watch:

This week ACC leader UCF will be at home against Rutgers. UCF still has a chance for a BCS bid even though they barely eked out (39-36) a win against Temple (aren't they a basketball school) last week. Our past opponent Rice will head to Alabama (no not that Alabama) and UNLV will be playing to be bowl eligible as they take on Air Force. Friday, Navy (6-4) heads to our neighbors in San Jose (5-5). Navy gave Notre Dame a headache this year just losing to them 38-34. Here is the schedule for the end of the week games:

Thursday night games:

  • Rutgers at No. 18 UCF, 4:40 PT, ESPN
  • Rice at UAB, 4:30 PT, FOX
  • UNLV at Air Force, 6:30 PT ESPNU

Friday night game:

  • Navy at San Jose State, 6:30 PT, ESPN2

ASU-UCLA Watch Parties:

Here is your watch party organizing thread where you can post viewing parties or organize one with others. Organizing a watch party is a great way to meet up with other Bruins in your area.

  • Ventura/Camarillo: Brendan's Irish Pub, 1755 Daily Dr., 4 pm
  • San Francisco Bay Area: 4 pm
    • PeninsulaLocation:
      The Old Pro, sports bar(
      541 Ramona Ave., Palo Alto,
    • East BayLocation (Walnut): The Stadium Pub(www.the 1420 Lincoln Avenue, Walnut Creek,
    • San Francisco: Bus Stop, 1901 Union Street,
  • Phoenix: Half Moon Sports Grill - 2121 E Highland Ave, Phoenix, AZ
  • Denver: Irish Snug near the Capitol Bldg: 1201 E. Colfax
  • D.C.: Laughing Man Tavern, 1306 G St. NW, 7 pm ET
  • NY Tri-State Area: Smithfield NYC, 215 W. 28th St., 7pm ET
  • Boston: The North Star, 222 Friend St., Boston, 02114, 7 pm ET
  • Portland, Oregon: Nicoli's Brill & Sports Bar, 17880 SW McEwan, Lake Oswego, Or.

To find a calendar of all network activities click here.

Please let us know if there is a watch party organized and we will add it above. Also, if you want to get people together in your area just get it started below. And if anything above has changed put it in the comment section. Thank you!

While you get ready for Saturday's game, be sure to read all of our coverage leading into our game against the Sun Devils here.

Enjoy this week's games and "Let's Go Bruins"!

And please join me and the world in giving Geof and Frank an 8 clap:

(I wish we had a quidditch team when I was in school!)

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