An Insightful Look at College Coaching Searches

I know that, historically, Bleacher Report has not displayed a very high level of journalism, but an article posted today and written by Kegs 'n Eggs blogger Adam Kramer offers an insightful look into the process of hiring a collegiate football coach.

Sadly, there is no direct mention at all of UCLA, even though there were plenty of times I wanted to scribble in something about Guerrero. Although I definitely though the coach referenced in the below quote could be Jim Mora or even Rick Neuheisel:

"One head coach told me that a school hired a firm to hire him," Roussel said. "The school then hired him eight minutes after he picked up the phone for the first time. It was done like that."

And, while the article only discusses football, I couldn't help thinking about our basketball hiring process.

The article does look at Oregon's process for hiring Mark Helfrich.

But, to me, the most interesting part of the article was towards the beginning. It's what the Dynamic Duo of Block and Guerrero do not get:

Speaking to an entire nation on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Alabama chancellor Dr. Robert Witt summed up head football coach Nick Saban’s value to the university in one simple statement.

"Nick Saban is best financial investment this university has ever made," Witt said. "We have made an investment that's been returned many fold."

Since 2009, Alabama’s revenue has gone up 43 percent. Since 2006, it is up 112 percent, according to Jon Solomon of

This increase is a product of a dominant football program in the midst of one of the most successful runs in the history of the sport. It has brought notoriety to the program, allowed it to build new state-of-the-art locker rooms and weight rooms and has made several people associated with the school a lot of money. This includes Saban, who just signed yet another contract that will pay him more than $7 million a season.

Given what he provides, it’s still a bargain. Other schools have searched endlessly for this lightning-in-a-bottle scenario, while few have actually been able to realize it while operating under different financial means. It's not easy, and it's also why the carousel is operating at such a feverish pace each year.

This quote is the reason Gene Block and Dan Guerrero need to read this article. And, it leave me wondering why Alabama has a chancellor that understands this when my alma mater does not.

While the focus of the article is completely on football, the topics discussed in the article are not completely limited to football. Much of it extrapolates over to basketball too.

And, again leaves me shaking my head at the current state of the administration at UCLA.


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