Director's Cup Standings- Most Recent Standings- UCLA Moves Up the Ladder

The most recent fall release includes men's and women's soccer, and men's water polo. As expected, our success on the soccer pitch translated into a decent amount of Director's Cup points.

As of this release, UCLA is in 21st place with 164 points. 100 points came from the championship in women's soccer. The other 64 points came from UCLA's 9th place tie in men's soccer (every team which reached round of 16 is considered to be 9th place finisher).

This shows one of the perversities of the Director's Cup scoring system. I would not imagine many readers would consider the men's team to have had a season which was almost 2/3 as successful as the women's team. Yet, that is what the Director's Cup would suggest. The increment for winning the championship is not all that great. Reaching the round of 16 in any sport is the main course- going further is dessert (to put this in an analogy which Dan would understand).

To give credit where credit is due, all of these 164 points are on Dan's watch. These are teams with coaches who were hired by Dan. To give further credit (not) where credit is (not) due, the 0 points for the remaining sports included in this release (men's and women's cross country, men's water polo) are also on Dan's watch. Men's and women's cross country continue to come up out of the running (as it were) with Dan's coaches, and men's water polo continues to tread water (as it were) post-Krikorian.

If this was the end of the academic year, and these results were final, Dan would not receive his maximum incentive bonus, because UCLA would not be in the top 10. He would also not even receive a partial bonus, because UCLA is currently not in the top 10% (the ridiculously low hurdle rate for him to pad his already ludicrous compensation).

The next release will incorporate women's volleyball, so UCLA will remain stuck on 164 points. The final fall release will include football, so UCLA will pick up some points for a presumed top 25 finish, assuming the Bruins can take care of business in El Paso.

Last year, at the same point in the 2012-13 season, we had 256 points, and wound up the fall in 7th place (by also adding points in women's volleyball and in football). By sport, we had a goose egg in women's cross country last year (same as this year), but we had a 13th place finish in men's cross country for 63 points. We also had 73 points for a 5th place tie (reaching round of 8) in women's soccer and 50 points for a 17th place tie (reaching the round of 32) in men's soccer. And the biggest drop compared to last year is the 70 points in 2012 from losing the title game in men's water polo.

I myself would consider this year more successful for our olympic sports compared to last year, because of our first ever national championship in women's soccer. But the Director's Cup rewards breadth, not depth. Get to the postseason and rack up some points- win and get a few more. So Doughnut is a little further from his bonus cash at this stage, and I am happier with our teams. Works for me.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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