Directors' Cup Standings- Most Recent Release- UCLA Drops to 26th

The most recent release of the Directors' Cup standings is the same as the December 19 release, except for the inclusion of Women's Volleyball. As you may recall, UCLA had a washout season in women's volleyball. By not making the postseason, we get zero points.

As a result, UCLA dropped from 21st place in the December 19 standings to 26th place in the December 24 standings.

There are now 155 teams which have received points in the fall 2013 standings. If Doughnut's objective bonus were based on results as of December 24, he would get no cash. UCLA's 26th place position puts us in the 17th percentile. We need to be in the top 10% for Doughnut to receive a partial objective bonus, and in the top 10 for Doughnut to receive his full objective bonus.

Meanwhile, no doubt, Chancellor Block would have no problem dropping a large subjective bonus on Doughnut for "aligning the values of the athletic department with the values of the university" and similar squishy concepts which are only measured on a subjective basis, with Chancellor Block determining in his sole discretion the amount of Doughnut's subjective bonus.

I wish that I could get back to visions of sugar plums, instead of visions of Block opening a bag full of cash and letting Doughnut dip his hand in at the expense of the student body (to the extent the athletic department is supported by student fees).

Getting back to the Directors' Cup, the final fall release will come next month, and will include football. We should move up somewhat, assuming that we don't melt down in El Paso.

In terms of the December 24 standings, we are now in 6th place in the conference. Stanford is number 1 in the country (and will presumably win the Directors' Cup again this year). Of the 7 sports in which points have been tallied this fall, Stanford has points in 6 of them (the only shut out being field hockey). Stanford's highest finish is 3rd in men's water polo. But since the Directors' Cup rewards breadth, not depth, Stanford is in great shape.

Colorado is number 6 in the country, and 2nd best in the conference. Their big points came from winning men's cross country and finishing 7th in women's cross country.

Washington is number 6 in the country, and 3rd best in the conference. They reached the national semi's in women's volleyball and reached the round of 8 in men's soccer.

Oregon is number 20 in the country, and 4th best in the conference. Most of their points came from cross-country, although they were well behind Colorado.

$C is tied for number 21 in the country. Most of their points came from winning men's water polo.

As mentioned previously, our points for our current 26th place finish come from winning women's soccer and reaching the round of 16 in men's soccer. As contrasted to Stanford, who earned points in 6 of the 7 fall sports completed to date, we have earned points in only 2 of the 7 fall sports.

But I would not trade our soccer championship for all the 3rd place finishes in the world. Any system where we can feel good about our season and where Doughnut at the same time receives no bonus is fine by me.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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