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Bruins Nation's NCAA Tourney Bracket Competition

Announcing the Bruins Nation NCAA Tournament bracket group on Yahoo Sports.

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2013 BN NCAA Tourney Bracket Winners

Better late than never but we wanted to close the loop on our little NCAA bracket fun. Here were the top-10 finishers from this year's BN bracket competition:

Possible Pts
David's Dazzling Bracket
25 16 16 16 16 32 (Louisville) 121 121
JoeBruin15's Bye Ben! Bracket
25 22 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 119 119
DJ Gadabout (BN)
22 24 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 118 118
Bubba's Boss Bracket
24 20 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 116 116
Jordan Adams RIP
20 20 12 16 16 32 (Louisville) 116 116
Was Sent Back n Time 2 Kill DG
23 20 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 115 115
Howland's Zone Defense
21 22 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 115 115
1 DGB Bruin
23 24 12 8 16 32 (Louisville) 115 115
22 20 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 114 114
20 22 16 8 16 32 (Louisville) 114 114

My favorite name "Jim Harrick's Supper Club" finished at 15 spot with 112 points. "Dr. Mex's Top 20 or 30 Bracket" unfortunately finished at 76.

Sadly "Nestor = MASSIVE loser" finished at the 81 spot. but at least he (or she?) beat yours truly "The Curse of Ragovic" at 100.

As for the big winner - ""David's Dazzling Bracket" - we haven't quite figured out what we will send as a prize. Don't worry we will figure out something fun. But at the very least here is a toast to everyone keeping their sense of humor even through one of the darkest periods in the history of UCLA basketball (and we are not even out of it yet).

Massive shout outs to "Bobinski Blows - Go Bruins!!" (60), "Bruinsss" (60), "Against The Wind" (72) and "Big D's Awesome Bracket" (124) who all picked UCLA to go all the way. They all get free beers if we ever check a game out with in person. Heck, I am happy to buy a free beer for "Nestor = MASSIVE loser" who took the time to fill out (his or her) entire brackets BN.



Bruins Nation (Next to) Final 4 Brackets Update

We are down to the final weekend of the tournament, so let's check in one last time before we crown our own champion to see how everyone is doing.

No one correctly picked the Final Four. Shocking! I mean, Shockers! It's okay, though. Only like 50 brackets out of 5 million on ESPN did get all 4, and you know those were all rabid and slightly delusional Wichita State grads, so you decide if you'd switch places with them.

LongTimeBru, the pride of Tehachapi, is all alone in first place with 78 points, but his hold is tenuous. He has Indiana winning the title, which is unlikely to happen, so he'll need everyone else to get a bagel for the weekend to take the top spot.

Lurking behind him with 73 points is David's Dazzling Bracket and his pick of Louisville to win it all. Dazzling may be the perfect description for this one, as he has Michigan getting to the final and has the highest potential score of all the brackets.

My Sexy Bracket (no, not Mine, sadly) and JoeBruin's Bye Ben! Bracket are tied 2 points behind at 71. My Sexy Bracket is maxed on points, though, so it's not going anywhere. If we knew that JoeBruin15 was going to be this good with predictions, then I wish that bracket were called "Bye Dan!" Well, there's always next year. Or 2019.

There are a plenty of brackets that still have a lot of points out there, but it looks to me like if anyone wants to catch David, you'll need to have Syracuse getting to the finals, and then hope Louisville gets shocked today. I'm not going to look through all the brackets to see if anyone has that miracle in hand, but if you do, sing out loud and proud in our thread.

We'll do a final update for the standings and announce the winner and the prize sometime following Monday night's championship game. Stay tuned!


Some order from the Madness? Not yet...

Florida Gulf Coast? LaSalle? Wichita State? Not U.C.L.A.? It's Madness, I tell you. Madness!

We may be looking at the Sweet 16 this weekend, but right now our bracket competition is looking at a very sweet one and only, as Bruinfan 94 broke open the 6 way tie at the top and has taken sole possession of first place.

Right behind him are the Next 4: 1DGB Bruin, Sydney Bruin, Dave's Bracket, and JoeBruin15's Bye Ben! Bracket. Of those top 5 brackets, only JoeBruin15 still has his Final Four intact.

After the Next 4, currently there are 16 others who are within 5 points of the top spot, so any of them have a shot. Well, except for Against The Wind who bravely and loyally and unwisely picked the Bruins to win it all. It may cost a bracket, but I guarantee Against The Wind sleeps well at night with a clean conscience. I want that Bruin on my island.

Prize announcements coming soon - meaning, whenever I get around to it. The way the Tourney has been going, anyone that still has 2 or 3 of their final four alive is still in the game. Even me, down in the triple digits.

You can see the up to date standings here.



Brackets Smashed After Day 2

For those who are interested who are interested in smashed brackets, we have a 6 way tie for first place:

  • Bruinfan94
  • David's Dazzling Bracket
  • Wang's Warriors's Bracket
  • Please FIRE Howland Now!!!
  • JoeBruin15's Bye Ben! Bracket
  • KSBruin's

Those guys got 25 out of the first 32. But we have number of folks bunched in with 24 and 23 correct picks from the first two days.

At this point I don't really care much about my bracket now that Joshua Smith's future school decided to embarrass itself in the first round. But I will be watching the tourney very closely and rooting for certain teams to get bounced early - perhaps as early as this weekend.



2 (Out of 125) Perfect Brackets Left on BN

So after the first day of Madness we just have 2 perfect brackets left out of 125. Bruinfan94 and Shabazz is my Homeboy are currently leading the pack. Behind them are DJ Gadabout (BN), G.Granillo's winning braket, Dave's Bracket and Bobinski Blows - Go Bruins!! They are all tied for the 7 spots with just 1 miss.

Guess one of the themes from first day is that Pac-12 had a good day going 3-0. Before folks prematurely concludes that this means that our conference was under-rated, don't forget that two of the teams got extremely lucky placement by getting to be in San Jose as deceptive 12 seeds, while another one got to stay in the West, despite being swept by UCLA. At this point though we can expect Zona to cruise to Staples, while it will be interesting to see whether Oregon and California get through this Saturday.

For the record, I have both Arizona and California, along with UCLA in the Steve-16. It's all about matchups and where games are played this time of year. Arizona is a sure shot. Cal may have a shot because they usually play well in Bay Area. As for UCLA, the Lavin/Zombie coach doctrine will be in play on Sunday (no doubt we will win tomorrow), so we are heading to the Steve-16.

I went 12 for 16 today along with Mr. "Nestor = MASSIVE clown." YES! It was absolutely clownish of me to pick Akron over VCU. I was really hoping Shaka's season was going to come to an end tonight. That was a classic "heart" over "brains" pick. Oh Well. How are your brackets looking right now?



Thursday Afternoon NCAA Bracket Update

We are halfway through the first day of March Madness. With 8 games in the books, this seems like a good time to look back at this morning's games and give a bracket update.

If Jamie Dixon is considering leaving Pittsburgh for Southern Cal, he certainly cleared his schedule for negotiations in a hurry after 8th seeded Pitt fell to #9 seed Wichita State, 73-55.

Though there were a couple of near-massive upsets today, with Davidson coming within a couple of seconds of knocking off Marquette, and Gonzaga struggling to defeat Southern - this is the second year in a row that a 16-seed has gone late into a game with a legitimate shot at beating their #1-seeded opponent (UNC-Asheville v. Syracuse). At some point, one of those teams will break through.

With none of those several close calls panning out, there was just one real upset among the early games: Oregon's comfortable 68-55 win over Oklahoma State in San Jose. With Dominic Artis back with the team, the Ducks really should not have been worse than a 10 or 11 seed (though being assigned to a west-coast site did help make up for it), and the Cowboys bore the brunt of the Selection Committee's mistake. Let's see if Cal can take advantage of being given effectively a home-game against UNLV tonight.

We have a total of 125 completed brackets in the group - after the first 8 games today, there are just 8 perfect brackets remaining. They are:

  • Bruinfan94
  • G.Granillo's winning braket
  • Dave's Bracket
  • mmailliw's Primo Bracket
  • Shabazz is my Homeboy
  • Prince's Primo Bracket
  • Efff Florida
  • Oh9Bruin
Congrats to you all - Once tonight's games are over with, we will have an overall first-day leaderboard for the bracket group.

Bruins Nation's NCAA Bracket - Now Open

Announcing the Bruins Nation NCAA Tournament bracket group on Yahoo Sports.

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