UCLA Spring Football Preview - The Quarterbacks

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the final part of our spring football previews. We've already previewed the special teams, defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive and offensive lines, and the receivers, and we finish with the quarterbacks.

Our starting quarterback is set for the first time in an eternity. We are heading into the spring with a definite number 1 quarterback, and his name is Brett Hundley. Hundley had a great freshman year - those stats were fantastic for a redshirt freshman QB.

318 completions in 478 attempts.
3740 yards passing.
29 touchdowns passing.
355 yards rushing.
9 touchdowns rushing.
Even 1 punt for 37 yards.

Can we expect the same again from Hundley? Sure. Can we ask for more?

Why not?

All I ask from Hundley this spring is a bit more awareness - he took way too many sacks last year when he could have just thrown away the ball. He did a great job taking off, but he held on to the ball longer than he should have. While we do not have a premier corps of receivers for Hundley to throw to, and the crutch of Johnathan Franklin gone, we will see how the offense adjusts in the coming season. (also the kid needs to learn how to slide. PROTECT YOURSELF.)

Let's look at the depth chart:

Brett Hundley (RS SO)
T.J. Millweard (RS FR)
Devin Fuller (SO)
Jerry Neuheisel (RS FR)
Asiantii Woulard (FR)
Mike Fafaul (RS FR)
Jake Hall (FR)

The true battle will be for the backup spot. Now that Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut have graduated, there are no incumbent quarterbacks who have seen significant game time at the QB position.

Devin Fuller will be at the wide receiver position again this year, but Mora has promised a few packages for him as a QB. TJ Millweard was a big get for us last year late in the recruiting season, and Asiantii Woulard was a big get for us this year, and Woulard would probably fit in a bit easier in our offense.

Jerry Neuheisel is probably everyone's sentimental choice to be the backup quarterback - I know I was cheering for him to get some snaps in a game that was out of reach, and he did well on the scout team last year. I personally think it'll be a combo of Millweard and Fuller, and if something drastic happens to Hundley this year, Woulard may be pressed into service.

I think we only have two fears with the QBs this year:
1. Brett Hundley hurts himself running and the backup QB isn't ready.
2. Brett Hundley leaves after this season for the NFL and there isn't a well-defined backup, causing chaos on the QB front next year.

Allright, Spring practice starts tomorrow. Let's go UCLA Football. Keep the momentum going, gentlemen.

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