Someone Please Talk Me Down: Tell Me We Didn't Hire Howland Lite

Having heard the "pundits" make fun of us for hiring Howland Lite, I did some reading on Allford.

I need someone to talk me down -- there are too many data points that look similar.

1. Allford is called "arrogant". Howland is stubborn. May be a matter of semantics -- but I'm hoping Allford listens to others and is willing to adjust when the things he wants to do are not working. Anyone know?

2. Allford coaches similar schemes to Howland -- especially his use of Man D. Please, someone tell me that he teaches and employs zones when the talent cannot play man. We will not have the players to play Man next year. I love our kids but, with the exception of Powell, we don't have the speed or ability to play man.

On O, they say Allford plays a "patterned" or "motion" O. That's what some call Howland's.

Truth is, I don't care what we play so long as we play it well and win with it. But, this is hardly the "up tempo" the failure promised us.

3. CA recruiting: I don't count Drew Gordon as a "recruit". Was Williams legit? I don't feel like Allford has the pipeline that other coaches had in CA.

National Recruiting: Howland screwed himself by chasing AAU/Shoe Kids -- one and dones who would not be here long enough to benefit the school.

What's Allford's history with the shoe kids? With AAU recruits?

Along this line, I'm troubled that the failure has mentioned keeping our current tie to the AAU scene. I'm hoping Allford won't let the failure pick his coaching staff. And, I hope he looks for long term players 3 and 4 year kids with occasional 1 year guys.

4. Respecting His Players: This seems to be an area where Allford shines. I was worried that his mentor was one of the biggest assholes in sport -- Knight. But, it seems that he knows what it's like playing for an asshole and does not want to be one.

5. Discipline: The coddling and defending of his player who was charged with a sexual assault is behavior that belongs at sc, not here. It happened 10 years ago. I'm hoping he's grown past that? Anyone know how clean his program has been? Whether his kids have stolen computers from classmates or failed drug tests?

6. Bench Coaches: Many track the decline of our program to the departure of our original bench coaches -- especially Keating. What kind of people are on Allford's bench?

So, is this a lite, maybe nicer version of what we had? Or, is there reason to believe that Allford will bring the change we've needed for the past several years?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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