Guerrero's Roll Over Clause

I've just received a portion of the information I requested from the University a few weeks ago before the ad got his extension. The UCLA team working on this has been responsive and professional.

I do not have time, right now, to do much analysis -- but I thought people might want to see the roll over clause. At first glance, I seems that our AD was automatically retained in July of last year to carry him until March 31, 2014. There was no reason to give him the multi-year extension that he just received.

I think it's a strong indication about how little Block either knows and/or cares about our athletic department that he went out of his way, at a time fo clear turmoil, to give an extension that need not be given. He could have waited out the Howland situation, the hiring of a new coach, and Mora's second season. Instead, he jumped to lock in a man that no one wants.

What in the world is Block thinking?

I know that JoeBruin15 is hot on these documents. I'll send what I got to him.

My focus now is not on Guerrero's retention -- we are simply screwed UNLESS Guerrero gets fired for cause.

I'm more focused on the information we receive on the process used to hire Alford.

I'm particularly interested in why we didn't look at Smart and wonder whether we at least talked with any of the very qualified minority candidates.

Here's the roll over clause, read it and weep:


This appointment is to have a term of five years beginning April 1,2008 and ending on March

31, 2013, unless terminated earlier, by either party, under provisions set forth in this Agreement.

On or before July 1st of each succeeding year during the term of this Agreement, this Agreement

shall be automatically extended for an additional year, unless the UCLA Chancellor provides

Director with written notification prior to June 15th of the year that the Agreement will not be

extended for an additional year. In the event that Director is so notified that the Agreement will

not be extended, further yearly notifications through the remaining years of the Agreement will

not be necessary. Once a notification not to extend the Agreement has been provided, a

subsequent decision by the Chancellor to extend the Agreement must be communicated in

writing. In addition, Director or University may terminate Director's appointment with or

without cause in accordance with the Termination provisions of this Agreement.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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