It's not about what happened ten years ago in Iowa.

It’s about what’s happened over the past two weeks in Westwood.

It is the switch he made between the introductory press conference, when he said:

"All I can tell you with that situation is that I followed everything that the University of Iowa, the administration, the lawyers that were hired, I did everything that I was supposed do at the University of Iowa in that situation," he said. "I followed everything that I was told to do."

..and the statement he made five (5) days later:

"… today I would handle the situation much differently, with the appropriate regard and respect for the investigative process and those impacted by it."

Which, together, amount to him accusing the University of Iowa of being disrespectful of the law and the victim.

By keeping him on board, U.C.L.A. is in fact confirming that is it comfortable with the above.

I don’t think our institution has anything against the Univ. of Iowa.

_ _

It all happened so quickly — from the Jordan Adams injury (to the President betting against us vs. the Gophers in his "Baracket"), to the firing, to the search (or lack thereof) from Smart, Stevens, to the premature, out-of-left field hiring of Alford — and because it all happened so quickly, no one paused to think or reassess the importance of values in making such a decision.

Mr. Alford is someone who has thus far proven incapable of change.

Repentance does not come from external pressure; it comes from within, from divine inspiration, it is a journey of love that leads a person to truly take corrective action and bring oneself into alignment with the universe (God/Christ/TGAOTU/Buddha/Allah/etc.).

His about-face makes a mockery of repentance. We should not be putting ourselves on a guilt trip for not "forgiving" him. Given his inconsistent position since the hiring, the onus is not on us to make amends with his behavior. Our responsibility is to see through the insincerity and lobby for his immediate ouster from Westwood.

_ _

I have tried to make the argument ( that Captain Skyhook would have been our best—or at least, a better— option. Since this forum was not prepared to do so, I conducted an informal survey and found that over 80% of U.C.L.A. alums I asked agreed that a Kareem hire would have been positive for the program. I still believe it is possible to see an authentic leader, someone who can build both skills and character, return to Pauley FOR THE 2013-2014 SEASON.

For those, including some of the editors of this forum who don’t agree with the Kareem option, below is another out-of-the box, but inspired, idea:

(source LA Times)

Michael Hewett at 5:55 PM April 6, 2013

Hello. Listen. Watching the Final Four and listening to Steve Kerr just realized he was the natural fit and should have been hired for UCLA coaching job. He is a natural fit. Grew up in L.A. His extensive background as a play and GM in the NBA. He would be great at recruiting…… "Let me tell you about playing with Michael Jordon for the NBA Championship. He shows patience and a great mind to be a teacher like his father. Unfortunately, Dan Guerrero is not a bright enough or dynamic enough guy to make that call. I have UCLA in my blood. My father taught there on the faculty for years. I actually spent a part of my childhood growing up where Pauley Pavilion is now located. It use to be graduate housing in the 1950’s. I also have some admitted bias with Steve Kerr. I went to the same high school (Palisades High) and also graduated from the University of Arizona. Steve Alford was a safe choice but Steve Kerr would have been a brilliant choice.

Reply at 3:25 PM April 14, 2013


Steve Kerr would have been a brilliant hire.

It would have also been a fitting tribute to Malcolm Kerr, his father, who was one of the great men of U.C.L.A.

Over twenty years, he was Dean of the Poli Sci Department and led the Center of Near East Studies over a period of twenty years, and was loved by all—including my own father, who was one of his students.

When he later accepted the position of President of the American University of Beirut, he would comment that the only thing he’d rather do was "watch Steve play basketball."

_ _

Columbia had Hamilton, Virginia Jefferson, Princeton Fitzgerald. U.C.L.A. had Bunche, Wooden, and Kerr.

If our administrators and representatives truly had a sense of our history, they would act in such a way as to attract men and women of similar stature in all posts, academic and athletic.

The chancellor’s recent extension of the ADs contract suggests the standing of the university’s exemplary athletic tradition will take longer to restore.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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