Doughnut's "Athletic Victories"- Another Case of the Emperor Without Any Clothes

A MASSIVE FAIL. - Victor Decolongon

Bumped from Fanposts. GO BRUINS. - BN Eds.

When the Chancellor gave the entire UCLA fan base the finger, and signed Guerrero up through 2019, there were 2 purported qualifications- athletic victories and financial management.

As we have tried to show in prior posts, the claim to success in financial management is highly suspect. The athletic department lost money on a pre-bailout basis during the last 2 years of publicly available reports. The most recent report massaged the numbers to report exactly break-even (to the dollar) revenues and expenses for all sports in total and for multiple individual women's sports. The report lacks credibility.

The following is an assessment of the claim to success in terms of athletic victories. First, as a disclaimer, I am using the wins and losses as reported by the athletic department, regardless of reason for the outcome. Injuries and other extenuating circumstances don't come into play, either for UCLA or for its opponents. Second, and very importantly, my son played college baseball, so I can appreciate the incredible dedication and sacrifice made by all the athletes who wear the UCLA uniform. The following is not meant in any fashion to detract from the accomplishments of our student-athletes, on and off the field. Rather, the focus is on Doughnut, and whether he provided a coaching staff which enabled our teams to perform at the highest level possible.

Each sport will receive a grade, or an NA (will explain). This is a subjective attempt to measure the success of coaches who have been hired by Doughnut since he arrived (a day which will live in infamy) in April 2002. These hires are measured against their predecessors. If a coach hired by Doughnut takes over a moribund program and turns it around, that counts as a good hire (B). If a coach hired by Doughnut wins a national championship, that counts as an excellent hire (A). If a coach hired by Doughnut takes over a program which was successful under a coach who was already there when Doughnut was already there, and the program drops off, that counts as an unsuccessful hire (D) or (F). If the coach who was there when Doughnut arrived had been successful and remains successful, that counts as an NA, because Doughnut had nothing to do with the success, other than staying out of the way, which should hardly be considered a criterion for success when making $750K plus.

On with the show (basically alphabetically)-

Baseball (B)-- Savage took over in 2004. In his 8 seasons, the Bruins have won 2 conference titles and have been to 2 College World Series, including a place in the championship series. His win-loss record through 2012 at UCLA is 273-204. This is a marked improvement over Adams, who in his last 8 seasons had a a win-loss record of 257-235, with 1 conference title and 1 College World Series appearance.

Men's Basketball (C)- This would have been a (B) based on Howland's record, but the sub-par hire (at least to date) of Alfraud lowers the grade. Howland coached for 10 seasons, and had 3 Final Four teams and 4 regular season conference champions. We were ready to show Ben the door at the end, but his tenure was a marked improvement over Lavin. Again, this would have counted as a B for Doughnut, based on Howland vs. Lavin, but Alfraud looks like he may be taking us back down the hill we just climbed under Howland.

Women's Basketball (D)- There is more of a story here. First, Doughnut allowed Olivier to remain through the 2008 season, despite a complete lack of success. In her last 6 seasons, the Bruins got to the NCAA tourney twice. That is pitiful, but Doughnut tolerated this mediocrity. Hiring Caldwell was a marked improvement, but why did it take so long? Caldwell's teams compiled a record of 72-26 in her 3 seasons, including 2 trips to the NCAA's. But then she went on to greener pastures. Under Close, the team has gone 40-24 in her 2 seasons, including 1 postseason trip. This is a distinct drop-off. So Doughnut gets a D, for tolerating Olivier's mediocrity, and then not sustaining Caldwell's success.

Men's Cross-Country (F)- Maynard has coached the last 4 seasons, taking over for Peterson. Peterson coached 7 seasons under Doughnut, and the Bruins only qualified for the NCAA finals twice. Again, Doughnut tolerated mediocrity. And under Maynard, the Bruins have only qualified for the NCAA finals once in 4 seasons. So we have a record of mediocrity under Doughnut's watch.

Men's Track (F)- Maynard also took over the men's track team in 2009, succeeding Vanegas. Since Doughnut arrived, the Bruins under Vanegas won 1 conference championship, had a best 5th place finish indoors, and a best 9th place finish outdoors in 7 seasons. This is hardly stellar, but the Bruins have regressed under Maynard. In his 3 seasons, the best UCLA finish has been 17th.

Women's Cross-Country (F)- Maynard took over the women's cross-country program from Peterson, at the same time that he took over the men's program. Under Peterson, the Bruins qualified for 3 NCAA finals during the 7 years since Doughnut arrived. They have not qualified for the NCAA's since Maynard took over. F.

Women's Track (F)- Bolden, a UCLA legend, has been the women's track coach for 18 seasons, well before Doughnut arrived. She has had phenomenal success in her career, but the glory days are well in the past. UCLA has lost 5 straight dual meets to $C, and has not won the conference since 2004. UCLA won the national championship in 2004. This brings up another metric which we will track. Doughnut's bio claims x number of national championships under his watch. We will break these down into those won by hires (he should get credit) and those won by coaches he inherited (he should get no credit). Doughnut should get no credit for the 2004 women's track championship. Again, there may be extenuating circumstances, but the women's track program has not been successful for many seasons, and Doughnut stays on the sidelines, tolerating this. The 2004 championship as a reason for retaining Bolden and the continued lack of success strikes me as analogous to the 3 Final Fours as a reason for retaining Howland well past his "best by" expiration date.

Football (F)- Doughnut has made 3 hires- Dorrell in 2003, Neuheisel in 2008, and Mora in 2012. During the combined 10 years of those coaches, the Bruins have a record of 65-63, no conference championships (I don't count the Pac-12 south as a big whoop), and a record of 3-5 in 2nd tier bowl games. F. F. F. Under Toledo, the Bruins won the conference championship twice in 7 seasons, and played 2 new year's games. So, Dorrell should not have been starting from scratch in terms of tradition, but it sure seemed that way with his results.

Men's Golf (A)- One of Doughnut's few unqualified successes. His hire, Freeman in 2007, has won a national championship and reached 2 quarterfinals in 5 seasons. Freeman's predecessor, Vincent, was also hired by Doughnut in 2003, and in his 5 seasons, the Bruins finished 2nd one year and 3rd another. Before Vincent, Sherfy (already there) in 7 seasons never had a team finish better than 8th. So men's golf has definitely trended upwards big-time under Doughnut's watch. Doughnut also gets credit for the Freeman national championship, so the tally is now 1 earned, 1 unearned championship.

Women's Golf (NA)- Forsyth, the current coach, was already there when Doughnut arrived. Her teams have won 2 championships since Doughnut arrived. These fall into the unearned category for Doughnut. So the tally is now 1 earned, 3 unearned.

Women's Gymnastics (NA)- Kondos Field, the current coach, was also already there when Doughnut arrived. Doughnut should get no credit for the 3 championships which the women's gymnastics teams have won since his arrival. That makes the Doughnut championship tally 1 earned, 6 unearned.

Women's Rowing (F)- The current coach, Fuller Kearney, was there when Dan arrived. Since 2002, the best the Bruins have done is an 8th place finish nationally. Mediocrity tolerated results in an F.

Men's Soccer (D)- This may seem harsh at first glance. Doughnut's hire, Salcedo, has coached the Bruins for 9 seasons. The Bruins have won 6 conference championships, and have reached the College Cup 2 times, in those 9 seasons. This is a great record in isolation, and would be an even greater record if he was turning around a program which had been left for dead (like Lavin in men's basketball). But in the preceding 9 seasons, under Fitzgerald (2 seasons), Saldana (3 seasons) and Schmid, the Bruins won the national championship (another unearned title for Doughnut, making the score now 1 earned, 7 unearned) and reached 2 other College Cups, while winning 6 conference titles. The program has performed well under Salcedo. But there has been a slight drop from the prior heights. And for $750K per year, there should be no drops under the AD's watch. So a D, despite the conference titles and the trips to the College Cup.

Women's Soccer (F)- Ellis preceded Doughnut. While he was coaching under Doughnut's watch, the Bruins reached 7 College Cup's, and won the conference 6 times. Doughnut's hire, Snow, did not reach the College Cup or win the conference either year since the 2011 hire. The new coach, Cromwell, was hired after the 2012 season. Not reaching the Cup in 2 tries would seem to be a very high bar, but not when the predecessor reached that mark 7 times in 9 tries. So the grade is F.

Softball (D)- Inouye-Perez was hired in 2006, replacing a legend Enquist. In 6 seasons, Inouye-Perez has 1 national championship (this counts as earned for Doughnut's tally), and has reached the College World Series one other time (2 trips to College World Series in 6 tries). Since Doughnut's arrival, Enquist's teams won 2 national championships (unearned for Doughnut), and went to the College World Series every year. Inouye-Perez has won a national championship while Savage has not. But Inouye-Perez inherited a program at the top of the heap, while Savage did not. The softball program has slipped in terms of teams not making it to the College World Series every year. This is a very high standard, but for $750K per year, we should expect the AD to keep programs at the level he inherited. So the grade is D. And the 1 earned (Inouye-Perez) and the 2 unearned (Enquist) championships puts Doughnut's tally at 2 earned, 9 unearned).

Women's Swimming (F)- Gallagher, the current coach, was there when Doughnut arrived. The best UCLA finish in the NCAA's under Doughnut's watch is 7th place. So, for tolerating mediocrity, a grade of F.

Men's Tennis (NA)- Martin was there when Doughnut arrived. Since Doughnut's arrival, the Bruins have won 6 conference title, and have reached at least the national semi's 6 times, including 1 championship. This championship falls into the unearned column for Doughnut, making the current tally 2 earned, 10 unearned.

Women's Tennis (NA)- Sampras Webster was also there before Doughnut. Since his arrival, the Bruins have reached the national semi's 5 times, including 1 championship. This championship is also unearned for Doughnut, making the tally 2 earned, 11 unearned.

Men's Volleyball (NA)- Speraw, the current coach, has not completed his first season. He replaces a legend among legends, Scates. During Dan's reign of error, Scates had a national championship team. This also counts as unearned for Doughnut, which makes the tally 2 earned, 12 unearned.

Women's Volleyball (A)- Another success for Doughnut. His hire, Sealy, succeeded Banachowski in 2010. Sealy's team won the national championship. Banachowski's teams reached the final 4 one time during Doughnut's tenure. So this is definitely an uptick. Yay, Dan. That makes the tally 3 earned, 12 unearned.

Men's Water Polo (B)- Wright was hired in 2009, and has coached UCLA for 4 seasons. In that time, the Bruins have a record of 94-23, and have been the national runner-up 3 times. Under his predecessor, Kirkorian, the Bruins won a national championship during Doughnut's tenure, but did not reach the NCAA tourney on a consistent basis like they have under Wright, and had a record during Doughnut's time of 134-48. So we will count that as a B, despite the lack of a title. Kirkorian's title falls into the unearned category on Doughnut's scorecard, so that makes the score 3 earned, 13 unearned.

Women's Water Polo (F)- Brooks was also hired in 2009. In his 3 full seasons (current season is still in progress), the Bruins have two 3rd place finishes. This would be fine at many schools. But under Kirkorian, the Bruins won 6 NCAA titles since Doughnut's arrival, and had a record over that period of 193-21. The program has fallen from these heights since Kirkorian's departure. Again, a high bar, but that is what you should get for $750K per year.

The 6 NCAA titles are unearned for Doughnut. So the final tally for the 22 championships in Doughnut's tenure is 3 recorded by coaches he hired, and 19 by coaches he inherited.

Hopefully, what the above demonstrates is that by and large Doughnut's hires have not maintained the level of success which was achieved by the coaches who were already on the scene when Doughnut arrived. His minions tout the 22 championships, but only 3 of these happened under coaches who were hired by Doughnut.

It is bad enough that the football program has been a shambles under Doughnut, and the basketball program may be headed the same direction after a brief resurrection in the early Howland years. But the record up and down all sports shows a toleration of mediocrity or the inability of Doughnut's current hires to maintain the standards of the hires already on the scene when Doughnut arrived.

"Athletic victories" as a reason to retain Doughnut as the highest paid AD in the conference? NO WAY.

I just wish that somebody in Block's office had actually given a rat's ass, and dug below the surface even a little ways, as the above litany hopefully did.

Financial management- No

Athletic victories- No

The emperor has no clothes.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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