Trogan-to-English: Barkley on NFL Draft

Matt Barkley still number 1 in his mind. - Harry How

Post deserving of frontpage love. GO BRUINS. - BN Eds.

Matt Barkley is thrilled to be a 4th round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. We asked him about his experience.

How do you feel about being drafted in the 4th round?

It's a great thrill to be overlooked and underrated by every one of the NFL clubs, especially the ones who really need help at the quarterback spot.

Three quarterbacks were selected before you.

And three were selected after me, which goes to show that I'm, er, maybe average.

Even the Jets didn't pick you to replace another in the line of failed Trogan quarterbacks.

That's just marketing. They couldn't sell more tickets by promising another Trogan. Plus it would be very hard to top Sanchez running into his teammate's ass and fumbling for a touchdown for the opponents.

Are you glad you returned to USC for your senior year?

Why not? They paid well. Didn't have to go to class. "Tutors" took care of the term papers for me.

You went from top QB in the nation to a 4th round pick. Isn't that disappointing?

It doesn't matter. We arrogant Trogans always consider ourselves number one, no matter what anyone else thinks, let alone how we perform.

You would have earned $ 10M going pro last year and only $ 2.5M now. Is this a problem?

I told you, they paid me well as SC, almost Reggie Bush compensation. If I'm getting a quarter of what I would have, isn't that a 25% return on investment?

Actually, that's a -75% return on investment.

At SC we call that a rounding error.

Are you glad to be on the Eagles, behind Vick and Folk?

My first choice was to be on the Dream Team of the Oakland Raiders, famous for criminals, thugs, and unethical behavior, just what I'm used to from college. I could have been with Palmer and Leinart, so we would have had all of the failed Trogans except for Sanchez, and he may end up there soon.

But do you want to sit on the bench in Philly?

Vick, he's just an all-star. Folk, he just beat me in college. No problem, as a Trogan I am entitled to start over them.

What about playing for Chip Kelly?

It's like playing for Pete Carroll, he's a cheater who took an NFL job just ahead of the NCAA investigators.

What is your proudest moment at SC?

There's so many. My face on the billboard near UCLA. Me taunting the Bruins after running up the score. Having my picture taken with Lane Kiffin. Me being the only quarterback this Millennium to take a preseason number one completely out of the rankings by the end of the year.

What do you plan to do after you wash out as a pro?

Be the head coach at SC. If Lane can do it, I can do it.

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