A Different View of Spring Practice

To all Bruins Nation,

This is the first time I've done this, so I hope I do it right. I arrived at practice close to 11am, but since I haven't met any fellow Bruins Nation members before and didn't see uclaluv's banner, I didn't know where everyone congregated. I thought about yelling when I passed by the bleachers, but I didn't want to sound like a lunatic. I spent the entire time on the field and enjoyed every minute of it. I won't get too much into details, since there are others who can give a better perspective as to how players performed. Two things that did stand out to me:

Brett Hundley looks much more comfortable out there. He has such a tight spiral and you can see he's having fun. On another note, I saw what others have mentioned before about his character. The kid is simply polite, always has a smile, and just seems to be a good human being. After practice, he also played with a couple of kids and you could see it made their day. He didn't deny anyone from a photo and called people sir or ma'am. Coach Wooden would be proud.

Devin Lucien did not disappoint. There was one particular play against Ishmael Adams where he said, prior to the snap, what he was going to do and executed with a great catch at the corner of the end zone with Adams all over him. After, he made sure to let us know he called it beforehand.

On to other notes. I had a chance to speak with coach Klemm and a few of the 2014 recruits while on the sideline. I thanked Klemm for his hard work on the recruiting trail and for his work on the field. He said they're just getting started and are aiming for bigger things. He made sure to let me know one of the kids there would be the #1 corner in the nation come next year. I spoke with him more than the others and said he'd like to be an engineer. Klemm came over and encouraged him to pursue it. I like how Klemm emphasized education. I told the kids to make sure to pick UCLA and not Southern Cal. Klemm made sure to tell them Southern Cal is on a downward spiral, and one that will only continue. Anyhow, they all seemed to enjoy practice. You can tell they have a lot of confidence and all think they're the best. There was one instance when coach Martin asked them if they could put on a helmet and pads because he needed payers kept falling, and they were jumping, pumping their chests, and ready to go. Hopefully they'll do this for the 2014 season. One did mention they hit harder at Southern Cal during practice, but what's good is that going to do when they lose to UCLA again this year.

I also had a brief chance to speak with coach Mora. I thanked him for bringing us back from the mediocrity we've had to endure these past years and he also said they're aiming for bigger things. I asked him if he meant national championships, and he said yes. Oh, I saw Jerry Neuheisel after practice and asked him how come he hasn't made his surprising appearances during interviews and said he was told not to do it anymore. I take this wasn't true or he wasn't going to abide by this rule because a minute later, he made his appearance during a a Cassius March interview. Funny kid.

As freesia mentioned, Tony Parker was at practice. I only had a small conversation with him and told him how many of us on Bruins Nation were not happy with how Howland treated him. He didn't say much, but you could tell his disappointment in not playing. I asked him to not leave the program, but he didn't say anything. He just smiled. He then spoke with the recruits, who asked him many questions - mostly about girls and such. Some of them didn't even know he played basketball. Tony then told him how the previous coach was fired, and I could notice some relief when he said that. He then left for the track meet.

Well, that was my experience. Hopefully I can make it out there again and get a chance to meet some of the members of Bruins Nation. As always, Go BRU1NS!!!

P.S. Make sure to sign the petition to fire Guerrero.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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