What Do You Think Or Starting Lineup Will Be?

Ronald Martinez

I posted my early thoughts on the upcoming season here. Since then, the major developments have been:

1) We signed Wannah Bail after he sat out a year getting his academic house in order, and getting away from the mess at Texas Tech. Let's hope that he is, in fact, eligible to play this upcoming season.

2) Alford has given us some insight into what he is thinking. Not much, but some. Kyle Anderson will likely spend significant time with the ball in his hand-probably from the 3 position. Bryce Alford will also likely share in the point guard duties.

3) Tony Parker has lost 18 lbs., and Coach Alford has shown some support. None of this is earth shattering, but the needle moves a bit with every new piece of information, though there are still many questions, as DC recently said.

I'm not sure what to make of dad talking up the son, but we have to roll with that in our musings. Here is a recent little Alford highlight reel. Considering that this is a highlight reel, usually designed to flatter, I see a kid with lead feet. Nevertheless, he is a sharpshooter, and can be a Michael Roll-type spot up shooter. Hopefully with a higher percent from beyond the arc. Point Guard? I don't see it, especially on defense-which is the major issue in our point guard dilemma, but I haven't seen enough to really make a judgement.

So, let's have fun, and find out what our community thinks the starting lineup should be. I started out with 18 choices. Those were all the possible combinations where Adams and Anderson were a given, and Parker, Wear, Bail, Alford, Powell and Lavine are the six candidates for the remaing three positions. 20 combinations (thanks for the stats help Tydides and Bruinette88). Subtract two combinations that were either unrealistically too small or two big-that's 18. Then cut another 8 to make this smaller.

Unfortunately, one can only do one poll per post. I also wanted to add a polll for what we thought the starting lineup would be midseason. I will guess that we will the start the season with Powell at 1 for defensive purposes, Adams at 2, Anderson at 3, Wear at 4 and Parker at 5. Experience will win out at the beginning of the season, but with a new coach and four freshman, I expect and hope there will be changes. My "dream" midseason starting lineup is LaVine at 1, again for defensive purposes (hoping Schilling can get him to this point) but we'll see him on the wing much of the time on the other end, Adams at 2/3, Anderson at 3 but with the ball in his had much of the time, Bail (really an unknown at this time) and Parker at 5. If Lavine and Bail pan out like we hope, this is both a big and athletic team.

With all the unknowns, the media has even lower expectation for this team than the fans. I think we're in the hunt for the league title. Four teams have a shot: Arizona, Colorado, UCLA and Oregon. That's the order I've been seeing, but I put us at 2 behind Arizona, but very close. We've got potentially a good mix of experience and incoming talent. Arizona added at least two major pieces: Parker and Gordon, but their history with freshman has been dismal as of late, and let's hope they are overrated as usual.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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