Nebraska Fans are Getting Ready For the Incoming Bruins

Eric Francis

Bumped. BN Eds. - GO BRUINS.

Wicked Bruin, one of the Holiday Bowl tailgaters shared this with me. It's a Husker fan message board. In today's topic they discuss buying up tickets from the UCLA allotment of tickets. The OP put up an email his daughter (presumably a Bruin Alumn) received from CTO with information on buying Football tickets for the upcoming season.

I suppose they don't care that their allotment will all get taken by Husker fans? ~ MsideHuskers

The idea is they (Husker fans) use the provided Promo code and buy up tickets in the Bruin seats and not only minimize our presence in Memorial Stadium; but, I imagine drown us out in our own section as well. Apparently, this is something they do on a regular basis.

Suspect they think they're cutting down on the Husker invasion to their ticket office by sending the email only to former UCLA ticket buyers bought through their website. The code only goes out through the email. Baylor used to send out an email to former ticket buyers to warn that the "Husker Invasion" was coming so "buy those tickets up, Bear fans". Always got a charge out of that! ~ KTexUNLfan

The emphasis is mine. I suspect they think they are being clever. Little do they know we have a diabolical penguin for an AD who advertises to our opponents in order to sell tickets at the Rose Bowl. So, nice try Husker fans! UCLA can screw itself over just fine without your help.

OK, all kidding aside, I for one am not worried. What they don't understand is that a whole bunch of tickets are sold to existing season ticket holders long before they resort to sending out emails or advertising to opposing teams. And, UCLA always has a nice (if small) fanbase representing at every away game. In particular, I remember that ass whooping Kevin Prince and Company put on Texas at Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium; we had a very solid showing that could easily be heard on the broadcast.

All in all, I'm glad they are intent on filling that stadium, and being as loud as possible. Our own Athletic Department could learn a thing or ten from them. They are a proud and classy fanbase. I certainly felt bad for them for all the abuse the Sanctioned Cheaters heaped on them when they came out to the Mausoleum a few years ago. I sure hope they could tell the difference when they came out to the Rose Bowl last year.

I will be there, along with Uclaluv, Dallas-Bruin, Wicked Bruin, and a few others. I hope to see or learn that many more BNers fly out for the game. We'll be partying it up in Omaha the night before. And making noise in Lincoln on game day.

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