Larry Scott to UCLA & Other Pac-12 Fans: Drop DirectTV

Listen to Larry. - Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Larry Scott has a pretty simple message for UCLA and Pac-12 fans who are DirectTV customers and are anxious to get Pac-12 network: drop DirectTV. Listen to him.

ICYMI here was Pac-12 commission Larry Scott's message for fans of UCLA and all other conference teams, who are holding their breath for DirectTV getting Pac-12 networks: drop DirectTV:

As for DirecTV, it's all about it not picking up the Pac-12 Network for a second consecutive football season, meaning millions of West Coast subscribers have a choice to make: How important is the Pac-12 Network to them?

"I urge our fans that are intent on not missing their team's games this fall to drop DirecTV and switch to one of the many providers that have it all," Scott said.

Scott and the Pac-12 Network don't seem to be hitting at DirecTV from a position of weakness. The new network turned a profit in its first year of existence and will increase the number of live events this year from 550 to 750.

The Pac-12 set up a website to explain how to drop DirecTV.

Here is the Pac-12 site which walks you through the process of dropping DirectTV.

I have never had DirectTV and have never needed it. I have had Comcast all these years and it has worked just fine. I have never missed a UCLA game over the years and the NFL Red Zone is pretty awesome.

Yes, I have heard from some folks who are disgusted with UCLA basketball (and especially now with a rape apologist roaming as a Bruin coach on Nell and John Wooden Court) that they are better off not having the network so that they don't have to watch the clusterf**ck that is UCLA basketball. But IMHO it's still worth getting the network. As much I am numb about the state of UCLA basketball, I am going to tune it to support the players but also keep track of the car wreck. I didn't miss a game during the Lavin years or in Howland's last four years.

Watching the games gives us all of us a grasp of the reality and make our judgment on the state of the program which allows us to filter out the short term nonsensical takes from psychophants [ie morons who goes around celebrating meaningless wins without taking account of the big picture, See: comment threads in the postgame after win over ASU in football (2011) or over Missouri in hoops (2012)]. Plus, hey there is another reason to get Pac-12 network to watch UCLA basketball - Bill Walton (who makes it worth to put up with Morgan Center apologists like Don MacLean).

So if you don't have Pac-12 network because of being chained to DirectTV, here is the way to unshackle yourself from DirectTV.


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