Thoughts and Pictures from the Nebraska Game


Bumped. Great stuff. We'd love to read more posts like this from BN community members who represented in Lincoln this glorious afternoon. - BN Eds.

Wow. I have to start with that.

I got into Omaha Friday. I met up with uclaluv and some of her friends, and Mexi joined us when he got in after flight delays. A tasty dinner was had by all, discussing among other things how cool it was to see the stadium for the CWS nearby. We then wandered through the Old Market district of Omaha. What a cool place! The closest match I can think of that most of us would know is Old Pasadena, but it's still way different than that. The buildings are mostly brick, and mostly over 100 years old. There are all kinds of restaurants, bars, funky shops, and art galleries - and none of them are chain stores or restaurants. We explored a store called Red Square that was all items from Russia: CCCP jerseys, beautiful china, baboushka dolls, and more. There were Bruins all over the place. After I called it a night uclaluv and Mexi went on to find Bruin818.

The game started at 11:07am local. Google Maps says it's a 60 minute drive from Omaha to Lincoln. Husker fans were advising us to leave no later than 7:00. I met up with Mexi and uclaluv at a bar in Lincoln for breakfast (yes, breakfast at a bar) around 8am, and we found wickedbruin there. We were on the roof of a three-story building watching the crowd below - there's one pic in the gallery, but it was taken before it got too busy. We had a good time talking amongst ourselves and with Husker fans.

As you see in the pictures, the stadium was packed. They've sold out every game since something like 1962, and there was a record crowd of over 91K today. I had a great time sitting with romo785 and Bruin818. I won't go into details of the game, because if you're here on BN you watched it. A number of people in our section pointed out that with previous coaching staffs if we had gone down 21-3 it would have been time to head for the exits, regardless of time left. Sure am glad that wasn't the case today! My voice is thrashed, and probably will be for a few days - and I'm perfectly fine with that.

I enjoyed listening to their sports radio on my way home. It was fun learning that we had broken a 10-game home win streak for them, but I was amazed to hear that no team had ever scored 28 on Nebraska in the 3rd quarter, home or away.

We were all struck by the friendliness of the Nebraska fans. From Friday evening through Saturday after the game, they were consistently outgoing and gracious, wishing us good luck before and congratulating us after. There were multiple signs in their stands honoring #36. I'd love to go to another UCLA game there!

rs1700seller's UCLA beats Nebraska album on Photobucket

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