LA Times’ Trojan Bootlickers: Kiffin Fired with "Proper Respect," Pining for Cheatey Petey

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The coverage of the Trojan Times of the Lane Kiffin firing has been nothing short of epic comedy. I went to the garbage sports section to get a sense of what the Trojan bootlickers were writing. They didn't disappoint. Get a load of this line from Bill Dwyre (emphasis added throughout):

With proper respect, Kiffin was shown the door. He deserved that respect, coaching in what Haden called "tough circumstances." The NCAA sanctions left him fewer scholarship players, fewer bullets in his gun than opponents.

Yes, in the Trojan boot-licking world of LA Times - firing a coach at the airport and not allowing him to get back on the bus is considered "proper respect." LOLz.

Oh it gets better. Bill Splashme as usual sounds delusional and in denial:

The Trojans football culture is as visceral as it is vicious, as much about Hollywood as head-banging, yet Kiffin never took his nose out of his play card long enough to understand.

The Trojans football culture is about an internal swagger, yet Kiffin's off-the-field exploits with deflated footballs and phony uniform numbers reeked of an internal smarminess.

The Trojans football culture is about being smarter when you cannot be stronger, yet Kiffin's play-calling often hurt the team far more than any scholarship ban.

The Trojans football culture is about always competing - former coach Pete Carroll nailed that one - yet four of Kiffin's final seven losses were by double digits, and in two of those games his teams allowed 62 points.

This boot-licker forgot to mention the part about how the "Trojan football culture" - specifically the culture of Pete Carroll (the 9-11 Truther) is about getting out of town, after leaving behind an epic mess filled with sleaze as one of the most shadiest coach in the world of college football. None of this is a surprise though. After all, it was Splashme who once wrote about Carroll building a "rare dynasty" that "follows the rules."


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