Interesting development for 'Bama and $¢...

Scout just broke this story: 2015 QB Ricky Town flips from 'Bama to $¢. Apparently this kid grew up a fan of theirs, even though he seemed pretty solid to 'Bama.

At the time, the signal caller said he never really gave USC a hard look, with the feeling that current head coach Lane Kiffin was on the hot seat and it wasn’t a very stable situation.

I still maintain that Coack Kiffin is one of the best coaches in America and I think Pat Haden gave him a raw deal. But for whatever reason, Town feels that Seven Win Sark is the right coach for him. Of course, this should not be of any consequence to us, as that place down there with their tradition* also has a former 5-Star #1 QB from 2013 Max Browne, and (2) 4-Star QB's from 2011 Max Wittek and Cody Kessler, yet we still beat them and their tradition* 38-28 in 2012 and 35-14 in 2013.

A Yahoo! story has more information on why Town flipped, including this quote (slightly edited by yours truly) that I found very amusing:

"The coaches are upbeat, focused and committed to winning and I completely believe in them. I chose [that place down there] because of the tradition, the academics and the incredible coaching staff. This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of something really special."

It is intellectually honest to acknowledge their tradition* of winning football games, so I must give this young man that much credit. Of course, when your whole institution breaks rules and bends others, it's pretty easy to win some football games. What I really liked was the "academics" that he quotes, as well as the "incredible" coaching staff. As a public service to our academically challenged friends, here's the definition of the word incredible:


[in-kred-uh-buhl] Show IPA

adjective 1: so extraordinary as to seem impossible. 2: not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable.

I'd like to point out that any promises Seven Win Sark made actually are "incredible," as in "not credible," or "hard to believe."

The real reason why I posted this story is the last line from the Yahoo! article:

Also, as noted, coach Nick Saban met with five-star California quarterback Josh Rosen, who is the top-rated player at his position.

I have a lot of faith in Coach Mora, as most of us do as well. It is a bit disconcerting that we are getting so many defensive studs, and not nearly as many playmakers on offense as of yet. Starks should be great, and Roberts and Van Dyke as well, and I know Craig Lee and Eldridge Massington are done redshirting, but I don't think we have enough #BOOMs on offense. Losing out on Rosen would be a big blow as well. We need to close strong this last week, and then stomp on those ketchup and mustard packets even harder next year at the Rose Bowl. Go Bruins! (Yes, even Alfie's and Doughnut's dumpster fire MBB program...)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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