UCLA Football: The Present & Future is So Bright!

Hi, how are you , greetings Bruin Nation this is UclaFootballHSAllAmericansFlockTo . I just wanted to touch on our roster make up as we look at the various players that will make up our team next season and beyond.

Now that XSF is NFL bound we no longer have any players from the 2009 class. Our 2014 team will be made up of the 2010,2011,2012,2013,and 2014 classes. This all pertains to our scholarship players we recruited out of high school.

The amazing thing is when we look at the number count of players from each of the classes the majority of our team will be made up of the 2012,2013,and 2014 recruit classes.

2010 class - around 4 players Jordan"Joystick"James , Owa, Anthony Jefferson, and Eric Kendricks.
2011 class - around 12 players Brett"OneMoreYearforTheNatty"Hundley ,Steven"WhiteMamba"Manfro, Ben Wysocki,Jacob Brendel,Sam Tai, Aaron Wallace Jr., Ryan Hofmeister, Kevin McReynolds , Connor McDermott, Devin Lucien, Torian White , and Jerry Neuheisel.
2012 class - around 21 players(I'll list those players names on a seperate post)
2013 class - around 26 players (I'll list those playes names on a seperate post)
2014 class -(I'll have a signing day recap) currently at 15 committs (14 Hard and 1 Soft)but look for the class to end up bringing in anywhere from 22 to 27. Probably 12 more new committs if the Jordan Lasley committment holds up or 13 more new committs if Lasley goes elsewhere this is provided the other 14 hard committs hold up which it looks like they all probably are.

With a 27 player class for 2014 that would put us at 90 Scholarship players and we are allowed 85. CJM seems confident to take 90 into Spring and Summer Ball he has done so in the past and their has been no problem. This is so because things always happen such as seldom used players deciding to transfer or players retiring or graduating early or what not.

I really like the 2014 class we currently have a lot, and I am excited to see the players we will be adding to the class. It sounds like there is a great chance Michiah Quick is a future UCLA committ( He visits Ucla Jan.31,the week right before signing day) which I am very excited about. He is a Five Star WR that will be utilized as a true freshman.

Lets go hard after Qb's B.Kaaya and J.Heard. Rb's J.Mixon Wr's M.Quick M.Dupree. Te's B.Dixon T.Luatua(Another ND player turned Bruin ?). OG's D.Mama K.Delp. S M.Mcgraw J.Smith (You can play both sides of the ball at UCLA HINT HINT). CB's A.Jackson (You can play both sides of the ball at UCLA HINT HINT)M.Humphrey. DL J. Tuioti Mariner D.Godchaux S.Thomas LB's K.Young R.Evans.

#8clap #BruinRevolution #RoseBowlMostBeautifulStadium #QueVivaLaMora #WestwoodBoundHSAllAmericans #2014Natty'sTheGoal

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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