UCLA FOOTBALL NSD Pre-BREAKDOWN, and Predictions (unbiased) on current uncommitted targets!

Out of all the remaining uncommitted targets on UCLA list, I feel these are the remaining few that could make instant impact on the field, if they were to commit to UCLA

ATH Adoree' Jackson
. Is consider the #2. CB in the country and is a State Champ in the Long JUMP, need i say more? I felt he was going to be a Florida commit with their track program and his aspiration to being am Olympic athlete, but with the latest commits from QB Aaron Sharp a state champ at the 200 in Texas, and Decathlete WE/TE Zach Bornstein, won't join the Football team till after 2016 season to train full time for the Olympics himself adds to UCLA growing track team currently ranked 19th. I do know SC(ranked 6th) is making a strong push for him, but i feel they will be left out of his remaining two schools with UCLA and UF standing. Will announce his school at 11:00am PST

My Prediction, he ends up a Gator sad to say. Even with the latest commits and advancements in UCLA's track program it's still not on par with Florida, I believe this commit is more to the track than football.

WR Malachi Dupre, If you don't know who this kid is by now, Just know, LSU coach Cam Cameron chased him to LA this week, when they were on their last official visits before NSD to make sure he keeps him(K.Young and Godchaux) home in state. Yes, their 'THAT' good and if you didn't understand the stress and pressure they go threw while being recruited you should now.

I will say before this week I felt him a leaning towards LSU, but with the latest actions by Cam, it either sealed the deal or the tigers faith. I honestly felt this decision was going to be a toss up and really up too who could get his team mates(Kenny Young, Mattrell McGraw(who has dropped Ucla from his final two,) and D.Godchaux(close friend). Will announce his school at 10:30am PST

My Prediction, I was really torn until I read up on their visit this past week and I felt it was a 50/50 shot, but now, I see him coming to UCLA. I really think Cam coming out here back fired and the conditions being perfect, showing off L.A. and what it has to offer, added with the company he was with AND meeting up with current Bruin commits(Btw, if he does commit to UCLA, we need to thank Raekwon James(@KwonieThePhenom) from reading his tweets he seemed 'TURNT UP' all weekend, taking in what L.A. had too offer. Thank You James!

S/ATH John "Juju" Smith, the Long Beach poly native, is a big time athlete can play multiple spots on either side of the ball, most see him playing Safety at the next level(will return punts too) but from why i'm hearing he's pretty much as good as locked with SC(I'm from San Pedro, Ca, 15 minutes from Poly). UCLA still has and outside chance, but SC went all out to bag this one. I really don't see him in Westwood next year. Will announce his school at 12:00pm PST

My Prediction, he's a Tommy Trojan next year, USC.

WR Michiah Quick, if one word describes him EXPLOSIVE! He can flat-out fly, reminds me of a Tavon Austin of WV(just not as quick in and out of cuts). If coach Adrian Klemm can bag this one, he needs a raise AGAIN. He's the exact type of deep ball or explosive threat Brett's gonna need next year to keep them spying linebackers off him. Sadly, I feel he's going to join Joe Mixon in Norman, OK and become a Sooner. I will say any information about him has become dorm-ate and nonexistence, meaning he's already done with recruiting and has picked or is just being over shadowed by Evans, Soloman, Dupre, and Jackson talk. So if Notre Dame was to snag him wouldn't be surprising. Will announce his school at 6:00pm PST

My Prediction, Boomer Sooner Okla

*DE Davon Godchaux
, is going to be a hard flip. Even after he tore his ACL, LSU still honored his scholarship offer and never took it back to ensuring him they were 100% committed too him. He's been a solid verbal to LSU ever since, but with that said, his latest recruiting visit with his fellow Baton Rouge 4. UCLA made a STRONG late push for him. In the end I still thinks he ends up a Tiger because of the Loyalty they've shown him, on top of growing up a Tiger fan as a kid too.

My Prediction, LSU

MLB Kenny Young, If one word could describe him it would be a BEAST He's built like a bull already, has sideline-to-sideline speed with great hips, could play safety he's that athletic…. But he's an even better tackler. With this latest visit to LA, I think the L.A. lifestyle and weather completed the deal… His top remaining schools are all TOP programs, but they can't give or offer what UCLA has, and I believe Coach U, Mora, and the gang just flipped him from LSU. Just check the tweets from their recent visit to the "W"…
Will announce his school at 10:30am PST

My Prediction, UCLA 8CLAP

S Budda Baker, a high school teammate of Myles Jack and former Oregon Ducks commit, is down to his final two, in home school Washington and UCLA. Recently visited with both schools with his last, at UCLA who pitched being a two way player like his comrade Myles. So will see on NSD. Will announce his school at 4:00pm PST

My Prediction, Push 50/50 find out on NSD.. I think he's gonna decide that day just like a few others on this list.

OLB Rashaan Evans
, He did cancel his "UNOFFICIAL" visit this past week to UCLA and had in-home visits from Auburn and UCLA, but i think after seeing the tweets and being peppered by everyone i think he could have used that get away. Not much of the visit was really spent on campus of Westwood or the "W." Still I would have liked to have him in home. I personally feels he's another one who's been going back and forth on his decision and will make it on how he is feeling that morning. Will announce his school at 7:00am PST

My Prediction, UCLA, been a lot of action mostly negative of in state fighting for this kid and personally it's been getting to him. I see him coming cross country to get away from all that, because even after he commits to either of those schools he's still going to hear talks and murmurs everyday from either fan bases..

DE Solomon Thomas
, the recent Texas de-commit, has said to be a top three race, but I;ve heard he's dropped Arkansas and is now just looking at Stanford and UCLA, most have considered him a cardinal lock, but I feel Mora has one last trick up his sleeve. It's just who is he going to use it on. Thomas or Evans? Will announce his school at 9:00am PST

My Prediction, #Stanford they know how to get them D-Lineman…

With all that said and done, UCLA will add three from this list alone, and in addition to the current committed class. I have them finishing as 4th ranked class this year. Some will ask why I left Mama, Humphrey, and a few others off this list because I never seen them coming to Westwood. They could sign that LOI with the Bruins, but I highly doubt it. These I feel are the current targets who would provide IMMEDIATE impact and TRULY are considering the Bruins that are still uncommitted. Cant wait to see how many of them hold up the new sign for UCLA commits them double 4s... 4+4 = 8 Clap.

*Davon Godchaux hasn't released a time for his announcement yet.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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