UCLA Football is in Position for Great things in 2014 and Beyond! A look at the Depth Charts (please leave your comments, thanks)

4's up !

Hey there Bruin Nation, I know many are disappointed that we missed out on uncommitted big fish on Wed. Feb.5,2014 , but do not fret we landed plenty of big fish. We just did our fishing earlier. From the 18 high school recruits we added in the 2014 class. We added 2 that played in the Semper Fidelis All American Game in Adarius Pickett and Cameron Griffin. We also added 7 us army all americans and those were : Nathan Starks, Austin Roberts, Ainuu Taua, Kenny Young, Zach Whitley, Jaleel Wadood, and Dwight Williams. Not to mention 9 other players that were either 3 or 4 star players.

2015 class is off to a monster start with 2 commits already in #1 Te Five star Alize Jones and #13 MLB three star Victor Alexander out of the state of Florida(he should move to a four star any day now). We should be adding another commit most likely this Tuesday, in Five star Ath Jaason Lewis out of the state of Virginia, which appears to be a heavy ucla lean (hopefully will see him in westwood in 2015 being a big beast in are offense). Five star qb Josh Rosen is a heavy Ucla lean, as long as Ucla does not do anything weird they should be landing Josh Rosen for sure :) ! Josh Rosen's favorites are Ucla and Stanford. I think Josh Rosen would rather compete with A.Woulard at Ucla instead of having to compete against K.Hogan , R.Burns, and K.Chryst at Stanford.

Ucla is nicely balanced going into the 2014 season. With about 40 offensive scholarship players, 40 defensive scholarship players, and 2kicker scholarship players (we have 82 scholarship players currently, 85 is the max allowed in a given season).

Projecting the 2014 Depth Chart on offense and defense for the season opener vs. Virginia


Brett Hundley

Asiantii Woulard

Aaron Sharp

Jerry Neuheisel

Wildcat qb:

Devin Fuller

Running Backs:

Jordon James

Paul Perkins

Craig Lee

Nathan Starks

Steven Manfro

Short Yardage rb:

Myles Jack

Tight End / Y Receiver :

Thomas Duarte

Austin Roberts

Nate Iese

Ian Taubler

Alex Van Dyke (He is a wr but he might get a bit of run at the Y as well)

Wide Receivers:


Jordan Payton

Austin Roberts (he will play wr and the Y in 2014, in 2015 more wr with the addition of Alize Jones at the Y into the mix)

Jaleel Wadood

Jordan Lasley

Darren Andrews


Devin Lucien

Eldridge Massington

Alex Van Dyke

Slot Receivers


Devin Fuller

Kenneth Walker

Jaleel Wadood

Ahmad Harris


Jalen Ortiz

Mossi Johnson

Jordan Lasley

Darren Andrews

Offensive Line

1st unit - Lt Torian White Lg Malcolm Bunche C Jacob Brendel Rg Alex Redmond Rt Simon Goines

2nd unit - Lt Ben Wysocki Lg Kenny Lacy C Scott Quessenberry Rg Caleb Benenoch Rt Poasi Moala

3rd unit - Lt Connor McDermott Lg John Lopez C Najee Toran Rg Kevin McReynolds Rt Kolton Miller

4th unit - C Carl Hulick G&T Colby Cyburt

K - Ka'imi Fairburn , Sean Covington (Hopefully Ka'imi gets in a groove so that Sean wont have to do double duty)

P - Sean Covington

Defensive Line

1st unit - De Eddie Vanderdoes Dt Kenneth Clark De Ellis McCarthy

2nd unit - De Owamagbe Odighizuwa Dt Ainuu Taua De Kylie Fitts

3rd Unit - De Matt Dickerson Dt Eli Ankou De Sam Tai

4th Unit - De Jacob Tuioti Marnier Dt Kevin McReynolds De Ian Taubler


1st unit - olb Myles Jack ilb Eric Kendricks ilb Zach Whitley olb Kenny Orjioke

2nd unit - olb Deon Hollins Jr, ilb Issac Saviinaea ilb Kenny Young olb Aaron Wallace Jr.

3rd unit - olb Jayon Brown ilb Aaron Porter ilb Taylor Legace or Cameron Judge olb Dwight Williams

4th unit - olb Cameron Judge or Ron Robinson ilb Cameron Griffin ilb Ryan Hoffmeister olb Taylor Legace or Ron Robinson


1st unit - cb Ishmael Adams s Randell Goforth s Anthony Jefferson cb Fabian Moreau

2nd unit - cb Priest Willis s Taahan Goodman s Jaleel Wadood cb Johnny Johnson Jr,

3rd unit - cb Adarius Pickett s Tyler Foreman s Priest Willis cb Jaleel Wadood

4th unit - cb Marcus Rios s Ron Robinson s Mossi Johnson cb Denzel Fisher

5th unit - cb Justin Combs s Taylor Legace or Kenny Orjioke s Jayon Brown or Kenny Orjioke cb Mossi Johnson

UCLA Football should be ranked in the top 10 preseason !

There is no reason Ucla cant go undefeated in the regular season in 2014 !

There two strongest opponents will be at home !

We should go 10 - 2 at worst in 2014 for the regular season !

We should win the south, be in the pac12 title game, and we should be hosting the conf. title game !

Finally, we should be able to win the Pac12 in 2014 thus we should be in the first ever 4 team playoff at that point any team in the football final 4 should be able to take the natty so why not the Bruwins !

#Brett Hundley 4 Heisman in 2014

- (No paid behind firewall sources used)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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