UCLA Gymnastics Breaks 197; Defeats Arizona 197.500-196.250


If UCLA Gymnastics wants to be serious about making a run for the Super Six, they need to up their performances overall and break the 197 barrier. Yesterday in the desert, the Bruins finally pushed past 197 as they took down the Arizona Wildcats, beating them by 1.250 points.

The 197.500 was UCLA's best score of the season, besting a 196.925 over Arizona State and a 196.900 over Stanford. UCLA also posted it's highest floor score of the season with a 49.500, it's second highest balance beam score with a 49.375, and their third meet overall with each event scoring over 49, however, this is probably their most impressive meet thus far, with each apparatus scoring solidly over 49.

The Bruins went 1-2-3 in the all-around, with Olivia Courtney winning with a 39.500, Sydney Sawa with a 39.450, and Hallie Mossett with a 39.425. UCLA won or tied each individual event:

Vault: 9.90 for Sam Peszek and Olivia Courtney
Bars: 9.90 for Peszek and Sophina DeJesus
Beam: 9.95 for Danusia Francis
Floor: 9.95 for Sawa

At this point of the season, there are some good things. We are still looking good on floor, and our scores keep trending up, which is exactly what you want to do as a team on an event. Get a great first score, and build from there. I am not that concerned about vault, as those scores have started to also level off and there aren't major problems.

There are still concerns for beam. The lineup, outside of Peszek and Francis, still gets jiggled each week. DeJesus fell off the beam this week in what feels like the first time ever, but the Bruins managed to put that behind them and put up a 49.375. If the Bruins put up another 39.2-49.3 this coming weekend against Michigan, I will be a bit more comfortable this month. I am happier with this week's bar scores though, which were consistent. Ellette Craddock, who has had problems on bars and occasionally on beam, has been taken out of the lineup and only performed in exhibitions this week, and I believe she still fell off the bars in her exhibition.

The Bruins are on the road again next week, traveling to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan and Utah in a tri meet. If the Bruins can win this meet, against two teams that are ahead of them in the rankings and one team they've already lost to this year, it will be another huge increase in confidence heading to the end of the season. They will need to put up a season best score in order to come close - this will be a GREAT meet.

The meet is Friday at 4pm, and is not on the Pac-12 Networks, but a stream should be available later this week.

Go Bruins.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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