Just$c Looks to Pay for Mausoleum Renovation with PSLs

While this shouldn't affect us or the Crosstown Rivalry much, this is something that we all should be aware of as Bruin fans because we all know just how much Chianti Dan loves to attach a dollar value to everything.

According to Scott Wolf's Inside u$c blog, Ethical Pat and his crew over in South Central sent out a survey recently to Trogan season ticket holders regarding capital improvements to the Coliseum.

The key information is that:

A season-ticket holder reports he recently took a USC survey today on suggested Coliseum improvements and there was a "clear implication" that in order to help pay for improvements, fans would need to pay a personal-seat license fee between $1,000-4,000, in addition to any booster club fees (like Cardinal and Gold) required for certain seats.

Yes. You read that right. $4000 per seat. So, if you have 4 seats, you would be on the hook for $16,000 plus booster group fees and tickets themselves!

As was noted on the blog, ouch!

How does that apply to us? Well, in case you didn't notice, our ticket costs increased rather substantially this year -- almost 50% per season ticket compared to last year. Last season, a season ticket cost about $250 and, for 2014, they are priced at around $350.

Now, most years, we would look at this and say, "Well, at least there's an extra home game this year." Not this year. We had 6 home games last year and 6 home games this year. (Thanks to Chianti's Neutral site game at Jerry Jones Park.) Of course, there are three things that can and will be used against you to justify the latest Chianti money grab.

First, we are playing more desirable games at home. This year's schedule includes Oregon, Stanford and $c.

Second, we need to pay more to our assistant coaches.

Third, we expect to be a top ten school this season.

Now, I don't begrudge or disagree with any of those reasons, but a 50% price increase did seem like a bit much to me. We already saw changes made last year requiring WAF fees per seat instead of per ticketholder.

If $c and other schools start to require PSL fees, I would be shocked if some sort of PSL opportunity is passed up.

The saving grace to all this may be that UCLA does not own the Rose Bowl. Implementing PSLs may be difficult when you do not own the facility because, typically, PSL programs usually result in you owning the right of first refusal to all events at the facility. But, with the Rose Bowl limited to, I believe, 10-12 events per year and UCLA football potentially taking up as many as 8 (7 home games and the P12CG), I could foresee UCLA and the Rose Bowl potentially working something out as we are seeing the continued Premium Seating push incessantly in our emailboxes.

Of course, if Guerrerror attempts this kind of a money grab, he may have a true Bruin Revolution on his hands. I know that will be the day I definitely cancel my season tickets.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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