BREAKING NEWS: Elite 2032 Point Guard Visits Baseball National Champs at JRS

The media frenzy has already started for this UCLA lean.



Five week old Paolo S tested through the roof according to Google Sport Projections based on his genetic information. The top programs in the country are already lining up for him. Saturday's visit to Jackie Robinson Stadium to catch the National Champs in action versus ASU along with his family Bruin blood has led to speculation that a verbal commitment is imminent.

Here is a transcript from his ESPN interview. Paolojrs_zps1208938f_medium


What do you think about the coach, his sons and the AD?

Two of them will be worm food, and the other two will be selling insurance by the time I matriculate, so I don't care. I do, however, recommend contributing to the "Fire Guerrero" billboard-my dad has made several donations. Target November 8 as a launch date--if Bryce is starting the season opener.

Anything else on Bryce Alford?

Well, he's not a point guard. He might actually have a nice career as a spot-up 2. I sympathize with him. I'm glad my dad is not a coach right now, but in any case, I do think a player has to be his own man. I wouldn't have switched from New Mexico.

What do you think about the Zach LaVine situation?

I wish him the best. He has unbelievable hops, quick release and cat-like reflexes. My dad said he was 60/40 by the end of November that he would go pro. I hear the decision may have been made in December and told to the staff. Something went awry after that. Dad thought his promotion to the starting lineup was imminent, but he slumped instead. He wasn't going to beat out Norman or Jordan at the 2 in this regime, and wasn't going to get backup minutes at the 1 either. The staff and players didn't react well to the situation. I would have handled this differently, but shame on the adults.

How about the 2014-15 point guard situation?

Dad says Isaac Hamilton was promised a shot a starting point guard. Would Zach LaVine been the best option at 1? Possibly. Knowing Isaac was promised the slot couldn't have helped the situation. Dad spoke to Zach, and doesn't think much of his basketball IQ, so you never know.

If Bryce starts, we might have to write off an otherwise promising season. It's not only a talent issue, its a matter of breaking faith with the UCLA community.

What do you think of next year's team?

Point guard is obviously the number one question, but aside from that, I do believe it is a well structured team. That said, there will significant incoming pieces, and you never know how they will really perform until they suit up.

As hard as it is to say, I liked the Arizona team. Big upfront, and players mainly in traditional roles. They needed a better in-game coach, better foul-shooting and more offensive skill at the point guard and power forward.

You can win a national championship with talent in college basketball, but you have better odds against all different types of teams when you are well-structured. That means having most of your players able to cover their position on defense. Certainly there will be role players, but at least three have to be both offensively and defensively sound at their position. This year's team didn't have that by a long shot. And they weren't tough. UConn, Louisville, Florida and Michigan State are tough. UCLA isn't. If you are not tough, then You have to be gazelles-they weren't gazelles either.

I thought Daniel Hamilton would be a great addition as a 3. His team just won the California State Division II championship. The stage was set for him to come since LaVine is leaving. However, he tweeted after the game that UConn was a "done deal." Of course, UConn is still playing, so maybe he has to say that.

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