UCLA Baseball Drops Another 1 Run Game, This Time to Arizona

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Bumped. Let's use this as this as our open game thread for this afternoon's rubber match. Cody Poteet [RHP, So. (2-2, 4.31)] will be on the mound for the Bruins taking on Arizona's Tyger Talley [RHP, So. (1-0, 3.99). The game will be broadcast nationally on Pac-12 TV networks. GO BRUINS.

The Bruins lost 3-2 on Saturday night to Arizona. This brings UCLA's record to 19-14, 7-4 in conference play. This also brings UCLA's record in 1 run games to 7-6, 2-2 in conference play. Last year, the Bruins were 17-2, 9-2 in conference play in 1 run games. So we have already lost 4 more 1 run games than we did last year, and we are only in mid-April.

Last night, the Bruins scored 1st in the top of the 2nd, as Chris Keck drove in Kevin Williams with an RBI single. But, repeating the pattern of his previous 2 starts, Grant Watson allowed the opposition to score early. In the bottom of the 2nd, Arizona scored 3 runs on a double and a single with 2 outs.

The Bruins scored an unearned run in the top of the 7th to narrow the margin to the all too familiar 1 run down, at 3-2. But that was all she wrote.

After opening the gates in the 2nd, Watson pitched scoreless ball for the next 5 innings. Nick Kern pitched a scoreless 8th inning, to preserve the score, but the Bruins could not come up with the elusive tying run.

Washington smoked Stanford for the 2nd day in a row, this time by the score of 7-2. Washington is 12-2 now in conference play, and have a 2 game margin over Oregon State at 10-4. Oregon State beat Washington State 12-5 to even their series at a game apiece. Arizona State is in 3rd place, 3 games back at 9-5. Arizona State has won the 1st 2 games of their series against Cal. UCLA and Washington State are tied for 4th at 7-4, 3.5 games back.

The Bruins need to start winning the close games, and avoid losing sight of the teams at the top of the conference standings. Today would be a great time to start a new winning streak.

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