Directors' Cup Standings: UCLA is now #9, Guerrero gets deposit slip ready

UCLA Women's Sports Dominating in 2013-14 - Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about "managing expectations". Doughnut gets a maximum bonus payment if UCLA finishes the season in the top 10 in the Directors' Cup standings. And after a very strong early spring season, the Bruins have jumped from #25 at the end of the spring, to #9 in the 1st release for spring sports.

UCLA now has 812.75 points. For perspective, the #1 team, Stanford, has 1509.5 points, and the #2 team, Duke, has 1024.50 points. Here are the current standings.

The most recent update includes women's tennis (national champions- 100 points), women's water polo (runner-up- 90 points), women's golf (3rd place- 83 points), and men's tennis (semi-finals- 83 points). The update also includes men's volleyball, in which we got a big goose egg, and lacrosse.

$C is #8 in the most recent standings, 11.75 points ahead of UCLA. We could discuss whether the highest paid AD in the conference deserves a maximum incentive bonus for running a program which is only 3rd best in the conference. But that would presumably be a very short discussion. NO. End of discussion.

Doughnut will probably start paying more attention to spring sports for the next few weeks, as there are three more updates coming next month, which will determine whether he gets his max payout. These updates will include women's rowing (UCLA is ranked #9), softball (UCLA will finish tied for 9th with every other super-regional loser), men's golf (UCLA will finish in the top 8), men's and women's track (UCLA may get a few points here, but not many), and baseball (another goose egg).

The Directors' Cup is the equivalent of end of season little league parties, where every kid gets a trophy for being on the team. Finishing in the top 64 earns points. Making the semi-finals in tennis is worth almost as much as winning a national championship. So even though there will not be any more national championships this year, UCLA may stay in the top 10, which is all that Doughnut needs to cash the big check.

Last year, at this same point in the season, UCLA had 900 points, and Doughnut was breathing easier (assuming he stopped for air in between jelly filled bites on occasion). A top 10 finish was basically assured, and the baseball title along with accumulated points for rowing and track resulted in a final #3 standing (behind Stanford and Florida). Finishing #3 is a solid result (even if it comes at the price of finishing behind Florida), and one for which Doughnut receives no more cash than squeaking into the top 10.

The Capitol One Cup computes points much more in line with how a typical fan base would evaluate a program. There is a distinction between major sports (football, basketball, baseball, beer pong) and minor sports (rifle, bowling, etc). And there is a premium for winning (major sport win means 60 points, 2nd place means 36 points, compared to 100 and 90 points with no distinction between major and minor in Directors' Cup).

The Capitol One Cup also computes separate results for men's and women's sports. And the winner gets a big scholarship check. This provides an opportunity for Doughnut to take part in an awards ceremony. As distasteful as that is, given his chronic mismanagement, it is a small price to pay to receive the scholarship funds and the deserved recognition for our dedicated student athletes.

In the most recent Capitol One Cup results, the UCLA women are sitting at #1, with 104 points. Stanford is #2 at 98. On the men's side, UCLA is tied for #23 with New Mexico (how New Mexico could recover from the devastating loss of the moral leadership of their former basketball coach is beyond me). Last year's baseball title notwithstanding, UCLA has not done well in recent years in men's sports. Doughnut's not so benign neglect has not helped in this regard. It looks like we will fall back to the pack again in 2014 in men's sports.

On the women's side, the 104 points reflect primarily the two national championships, soccer ("major" sport- 60 points), and tennis ("minor sport"- 20 points). The other points came from water polo, golf and gymnastics, all of which are classified as "minor" sports in Capitol One. The women's results reflect balance (earning points in multiple sports) and excellence (winning titles). Well done, Bruins.

It is no wonder that Doughnut had the Directors' Cup written into his contract as the metric for bonus payments. Broad-based participation is easier to achieve than success in individual sports. Thanks to women's soccer and women's tennis, we have a decent measure of both this year, but Doughnut's bonus hangs in the balance through the rest of June. Stay tuned.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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