UCLA Jets Up to #6 in Directors' Cup, Despite Abject Failure in Hoops

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I am always leary of using the term "non-revenue" sports when it comes to our overall program, because with TIARA at the helm, men's basketball will soon fall into that category. But despite the pitiful excuse for a program in OPUG, UCLA has moved up very nicely in the Directors' Cup standings.

The latest installment includes all 2013-14 sports except men's and women's track, and baseball. Since we should not expect many points from track (thanks Doughnut for letting this program fall into disrepair), and we will definitely get -0- points from baseball, we are probably at or near our total point total for the year.

UCLA currently has 1003.50 points, 20.75 points behind 5th place Penn State and 18 points ahead of 7th place Virginia. Provided UCLA finishes in the top 10, which looks very likely, Doughnut will be able to cash his max incentive bonus check.

It has been a banner spring across the board, in terms of decent finishes. This is what is measured by the Directors' Cup. Championships are not necessary. Lots of decent finishes are. Assuming that Doughnut was heavily involved in the negotiations on his own contract (and there is no reason to think that he would not be), the Directors' Cup measure makes perfect sense from his point of view.

We are the top university in the 2nd largest city in the country, with all the recruiting advantages bestowed by our status, location, and weather (no need to practice baseball indoors until spring). Having lots of decent finishes should be a given, not a cause for bonus payments. But this is what happens when you report to Block.

In the final fall standings, we were in 16th place, with the only top 4 finish being our national championship in women's soccer. In the final winter standings, we dropped to 25th place, thanks to our dumpster basketball program and no other top finishes.

But in the spring, we have bounced back big time, thanks to our championship in women's tennis, our runner-up position in women's water polo, our 3rd place finish in women's golf, and our national semi-final run in men's tennis. Hats off to all the dedicated student-athletes who got us this far this season.

We are now the 2nd best Pac-12 team in the standings, behind only perennial Director's Cup champion Stanford. But, just to show how the standings are skewed by finishing well, instead of by winning (which would be the typical measure for fans), here are the national championships this season for the top 6 teams in the Directors' Cup-

Stanford- women's water polo

Notre Dame- men's soccer

Florida- women's gymnastics (tie), softball

Duke- women's golf, men's lacrosse

Penn State- women's volleyball, fencing, wrestling

UCLA- women's soccer, women's tennis

You will notice that the top 2 teams in the standings, Stanford and Notre Dame, have won only one title each, while the other teams on the list have won at least two. But Stanford is 376.75 points ahead of 2nd place Notre Dame in the standings, and basically annihilated the field.

The Directors' Cup also makes no distinction between major sports and minor sports. I am sure that fencing is great for the aficionados, but it does not quite equate to a BCS January game. Just my opinion.

The Capitol One Cup, the other competing program for measuring overall success (and the one purposely avoided by Doughnut in negotiating his bonus) measures athletic programs by success, with championships counting for way more than 2nd place finishes, and also rewards more points for major sports than for minor sports.

The Capitol One Cup also computes separate standings for men's and women's sports. But it is easy enough to combine the two scores, to get a single overall score analogous to the Directors' Cup measure.

Doing this, we have the following top six teams in the Capitol One Cup-




U Conn


Notre Dame

You may notice that there is a lot of overlap between the two lists, but it is not absolute. Maryland, #2 in the combined Capitol One Cup calculation, is #31 in the Directors' Cup. That is because the Directors' Cup gives more points for being the national runner-up in Men's Soccer (as Maryland was) and reaching the Final Four in Women's Basketball (as Maryland did) than for winning the Fencing title. Maryland was a powerhouse in lacrosse, winning the women's title and finishing 3rd on the men's side. These are considered major sports in the Capitol One calculations. So, although Maryland did not have the broad-based participation which is the source of points in the Directors' Cup, Maryland did do well in some of the more major sports.

The other outlier is U Conn, which demonstrates even more clearly the difference between the two measures. U Conn is currently #53 in the Directors' Cup, compared to a #4 position in the combined Capitol One Cup calculation. U Conn won the minor sport (in Capitol One Cup terms) of field hockey, but also swept the basketball titles. That is three national championships, including two power titles. But since they didn't do as well across the board, they are nowhere to be found in the Directors' Cup standings.

How about a show of hands for which school had the better year- A- two titles, including women's soccer and women's tennis, or B- three titles, including men's basketball and women's basketball. No offense, really, to our hardworking soccer and tennis stars, but I would take B for sure.

But Doughnut gets his max bonus, because he is getting paid for results under the system which rewards broad-based success instead of the system which rewards banners. Again, this is not to take anything away from our hard-working athletes, who have had wonderful success this year in some particular sports, and all of whom have dedicated themselves to their teammates and the school. But it is frustrating to see Doughnut pocket even more cash, when his excessive base salary should be enough for fielding teams which are good on a national stage (and he should be fired for how the basketball program has deteriorated on his watch, IMO).

In any event, congrats to the Bruin athletes for your success this season. Go Bruins !!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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