2014 World Cup Day 4 Open Thread

Lionel Messi may be the best player in the world. His Argentine national team is trying to prove they are the best in the world, too. - Ronald Martinez

It's Father's Day in the US and it's Day 4 of the World Cup in Brazil. That means three more games as all of Group E - France, Honduras, Switzerland and Ecuador - and half of Group F - Argentina and Bosnia - get started today.

We are halfway through the opening matches of the 2014 World Cup, and there have been some interesting surprises so far.  Day 4 lacks much of the drama from the last 2 days but will be every bit as important in determining which teams advance from goup play to the knockout round of 16 teams.

Today, all four teams from Group E and a pair from Group F see action.

Here are the matchups, locations, times (LA Kings local time) and the networks for today's games.

Switzerland v Ecuador Group E, Brasilia, 9am ABC

These two teams have never met in a major international tournament, but today's game will carry enough weight to make up for that.  With France perceived as the Group E favorite, both teams will need this game to maintain good position to get out of the group to the final 16.

France v Honduras Group E, Porto Allegre noon ABC

As noted above, France is the clear favorite to win Group E and the same goes for this game.  This is another pair of teams that have never met in a major international so the teams have no familiarity with the other, but France has looked strong in qualifying and their recent exhibitions, and they will be looking for an early opportunity to bury the controversy from 2010.

Argentina v Bosnia and Herzegovina Group F, 3pm Rio de Janeiro ESPN

Not just the group favorite, Argentina is one of the top picks to take home the World Cup Trophy.  Lionel Messi is one of the most recognizable footballers on the planet, but he is just one of many talented players who will lead Argentina in the 2014 tournament.  This is the first World Cup appearance for Bosnia-Herzogovina and they are being thrown in the deep end right off the bat.

Bellerophon did an outstanding preview of Groups E and F here, so go back and look at B's previews and his amazing College FB comparisons for each of today's teams. You should also check out the SB Nation mothership's incredible World Cup preview for all you need to know about the biggest sporting spectacle on Earth.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Enjoy your day with some World Cup action and share your thoughts here on BN.   This is our Day 4 open thread. Have at it.


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