UCLA Baseball: Two More Recruits & 2 Current Players Drafted on Day 2

Shane Zeile set to reap the rewards of his breakout junior season - USA TODAY Sports

MLB teams drafted four players with UCLA ties, either current players or 2015 recruits, on day 2 of the MLB draft (rounds 3-10).

First, the current players. Shane Zeile was rewarded for his breakout junior season with a 5th round selection by the Tigers. He will be missed, but he has most definitely earned his shot.

Max Schuh moved way up in the draft, from the pre-draft projections. He went in the 7th round to the Orioles. He had been expected to still be available in today's 3rd and final day of the draft. Schuh led the Pac-12 with 37 appearances, and had a 1.55 ERA. He will leave a big hole to fill in next year's bullpen.

Today, the pace picks up big time in the draft. Day 1 covered two rounds. Day 2 covered eight rounds (3-10). Today, there are 30 rounds. We will see where bullpen pitchers like David Berg and Jake Ehret, starting pitcher Grant Watson, and injured position players like Eric Filia and Kevin Kramer wind up in the draft.

Turning to the high school recruits, after pitchers Brady Aiken (#1 overall pick) and Grant Hockin were taken in the first round on Thursday, two more members of the 2015 class were selected yesterday.

Josh Morgan, a shortstop from Orange Lutheran, was taken in the 3rd round by the Rangers. He slipped one round from his pre-draft projected slot. Depending on how much the Rangers spend on other draftees, this could translate to less available for Morgan. But, since UCLA has not had a 3rd round or better draftee come to Westwood, he is probably gone, as expected.

There may be better news with the 4th recruit selected in the draft. Pitcher Jacob Nix was picked in the 5th round by the Astros (same team as 1st selection, Brady Aiken). Here is a quote from Baseball America, in reviewing the 5th round of the draft-

Righthander Jacob Nix, considered a tough sign and a UCLA signee, didn’t have a great spring but was a potential Top 100 player after a strong summer on the travel-ball circuit.

Let's hope this is correct. I always like the words "tough sign" and "UCLA signee" in the same sentence. After a lights-out summer, he did not do as well this spring. It would be great to see him come to UCLA and learn from the best pitching coach in college baseball- John Savage. There is no doubt about his fastball, but his command and his off-speed pitches are works in progress. Stay tuned.

Another expected day 2 draftee, infielder Sean Bouchard, fell through the cracks. It would be great to see high quality position players come to Westwood to refill the pipeline. We will see where he goes in today's final installment of the 2014 draft. There are four other members of the 2015 recruiting class who could be drafted today. Obviously, the longer it takes for their names to be called, the better the chances that they will come to UCLA.

More details as they unfold.

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