Meanwhile, there's a billboard at Stanford

Stanford has a billboard near campus. - anonymous

So I got this photo emailed to me this morning.



While some segments of our fan base are content leaving their heads in the sand, and other morons dismiss little things like a decade of facts and instead think our Athletic misDirector is doing a bang up job, the truth about U.C.L.A. Athletics under our current AD is incontrovertible.

The Directors Cup began in 1993, and during the first decade, U.C.L.A. finished 2nd three times and 3rd three times, to go with one 4th and two 5ths. Only one year were we out of the top 5 and that was just a 6th in 2002. Our average pG (pre-Guerrero) finish was 3.5, with a standard deviation of 1.4. The Bruins were usually battling with North Carolina, Michigan, and Florida to be runner up to Stanford. It was a very respectable decade, and though there was room to grow, we could take some pride in that series of results.

Sadly, any single one of the years before Guerrero would have been better than this year's finish. Guerrero's reign of error has seen three 2nds and four 3rds offset by a 6th, a 7th, an 11th, and a 16th. Our average finish is now lower than 5th and more than one S.D. from our pG average finish. islandbruin2 has already shown how the majority of the points that contributed to our Directors Cup scoring came from coaches who were hired before Guerrero's arrival. Even with the hope that Jim Mora has brought to football, the contribution by Mora himself still falls short of the Director's Cup results under Bob Toledo and Terry Donahue, and when you add the Guerrerror's first two football hires, it isn't even close. And please don't get me started on our current basketball coach.

How else can anyone attribute this steady and continuing decline in our overall athletics program to anything other than our AD and his apathetic boss? I think Stanford's billboard says it all.

Where's our billboard, Bruins?

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