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While The Others Keep On Whining, We Will Keep Enjoying ...

What is the mark of a great team? Let's see Stanford and UCLA played an epic game on Thursday night with the Pac-10 championship on the line. Both teams were probably emotionally and physically...

I Had A North Campus Major, Partly Because I Sucked At Math

I don't know shit-all about geometry.I'm not even sure this is geometry.Anyhoo ... this is from a post on Bruinzone. Credit goes to bruin70 who posted it on Bruinzone.With this graph:bruin70...

Senior Day

I guess the underclassmen wanted to make sure Lorenzo Mata-Real remembered Senior Day. It was truly memorable, despite the incredible comeback Stanford win for the Pac-10 Championship just two days...

Do You Believe In Miracles?

For about 39 minutes and change, I thought we were looking at UW 2007. If you'll recall, we went into Pullman and clinched the outright Pac 10 title, and proceeded to lay an egg in Seattle.We were...

Center Court: Ben Ball (California) Open Thread

We all know who we need to win this game for:Photo Credit: Erkki's UCLA pics' photostream (flickr) It's Lorenzo (and Matt's) last day as Seniors at Pauley. While its not official we are also going...

Senior Day Roundup & Notes

It's Senior Day. Ben Ball warriors take on a demoralized UC Berkeley basketball program today, which is on a 4 game losing streak and has lost 6 of its last 7 games. Berkeley fans are so...

Kiss The Court

It took 4 and 2/3 quarters to graduate from UCLA. Even though I "walked" in June of 1996 for all intent and purposes my "Senior Day" at Pauley was the last home game of 1994-95 season against...


A special thanks to my extended Bruin Family

Bumped again. This story is more important than a few vids -TelemachusBumped. GO BRUINS. -NA year ago at this time, I was in a pediatric intensive care unit where my four year-old son Tyler was on...

A few more Stanford vids and comments

If you haven't been checking back at the video site, I've posted a few more clips (overtime and postgame interviews) since late last night, some that I refer to below. Couldn't get this post out as...

One Game At A Time

I am still having a hard time calming down from this:Photo Credit:AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (via ESPN) You are looking at the two leading scorers from last night who ignited yet another Howlandian...

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