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UCLA Flood: Crank Calling Idiot Fools ABC7 Anchorwoman


Tonight's coverage of the UCLA Flood on ABC7 featured an on-air interview with purported DWP official Louis Slungpue, whose working theory that the rupture was caused by someone taking a massive dump in a campus bathroom was being well accepted by at least one of the anchors.

A Communication Breakthrough for Kids w Autism

This week’s post includes a study re: communication with children with autism, good news for California’s commercial real estate sector, news of a pop star who recorded a performance in Royce Hall...


Coolest Classes at UCLA

Buzzfeed clickbait works: what are the coolest classes to take at UCLA?

New Modulator Leads to Advanced Imaging, More


This week’s post includes news of a new modulator that might lead to advanced medical and security imaging, one of the world’s most popular soccer teams to train on campus, recommendations for...

A Brain Prosthesis That Helps Recover Memory


The development of a 'brain prosthesis' to help injured patients recover memory, news from a concussion summit aimed at helping football players and a report that says young smokers are not aware...


UCLA Athletics: Markers in my Life

Bumped: A great story of how current events take us back to our past, but still tie us together through U.C.L.A. Go Bruins! -BN eds. Erdélyi Tamás passed away yesterday. His passing has...

Seleção vs. Oranje: 2014 World Cup Third Place Game Open Thread

It's a game for nothing but pride as the devastated Brazilians take on a disappointed Dutch side in the third place game in the World Cup, kicking off this afternoon at 1 p.m. PST on ESPN.

World Cup 2014 - Argentina vs. Holland Open Thread

It's the second of two semi-final matches in the World Cup, with La Albiceleste of Argentina - led by the world's best player in Lionel Messi - taking on the Oranje of the Netherlands - led by...

Seleção vs. Die Mannschaft: 2014 World Cup Semifinal Open Thread

It's the first of two semi-final matches in the World Cup, with a hobbled Brazilian team looking for a way to generate some offense and make it past the efficient German national side, that...

UCLA Campus Report: Diversity in the Dental School


This week’s post includes ways in which UCLA’s dental school is promoting diversity, unraveling translation issues in Chinese medicine, and how sign language students are helping the deaf...

World Cup 2014 - Quarterfinal Day Two Open Thread

It's the final day of the quarterfinal round, with Argentina taking on Belgium in the morning, followed by the Netherlands taking on Costa Rica, with a semi-final match between the two winners on...

Happy Independence Day!

With America hitting the big ol' 2-3-8, we here at Bruins Nation take a few minutes to reflect on the awesomeness of being American and what Independence Day means on this beautiful California...

UCLA Football Camp 2014, August 4th, San Berdo

UCLA Football Camp 2014 will begin on August 4th in San Bernardino. Here is the schedule for practices in San Berdo and in Westwood.

World Cup 2014 - Day Nineteen Open Thread

It's the final day in the Round of 16, with Argentina taking on Switzerland in the morning, followed by our very own boys in Red, White, and Blue taking on Belgium, looking to book a place in the...

World Cup 2014 - Day Eighteen Open Thread

We're in the third day of the knock-out stages in the Round of 16, with the French taking on Nigeria at 9 a.m. PST on ESPN and Germany taking on Algeria in the afternoon game, at 1 p.m. PST on ESPN.

World Cup 2014 - Day Seventeen Open Thread

We're in the second day of the knock-out stages in the Round of 16, with the Dutch taking on hated Mexico at 9 a.m. PST on ESPN, with Costa Rica taking on Greece in the afternoon game, at 1 p.m....

Campus Report: UCLA - World's #2 Public University


This week’s post includes the announcement that UCLA is the considered the world’s number two public university. Also, Professor Terrence Tao, the Mozart of Math, received a 3 million dollar...

World Cup 2014: Sweet-16 Open Thead


Tracking live action in the Round of 16 of 2014 Word Cup.

World Cup 2014 - Day Fifteen Open Thread

It's the fifteenth day of the World Cup and the final day of group stage action as the United States takes on Germany while Portugal and Ghana square off to decide the fate of all four teams in the...

World Cup '14 Day 14 Thread:France, Messi,the Bite

The World Cup is in its 14th day with many Superpowers falling, Latin America moving on, team U.S. making an impressive run, and France returning to championship form as the teams in groups E and F...

World Cup 2014: Group C and D Puzzles Solved Today

Eight more teams complete group play today. Can Costa Rica win Group C? Can Italy survive the challenge from Uruguay for the other Group C spot? Will Colombia take Group D? And will Côte d'Ivoire,...

World Cup 2014 - Day Twelve Open Thread


The World Cup is now a dozen days old and it's been both exciting (goals galore) and infuriating (conceding to Varela with seconds to go to have to settle for a tie), and we enter the final games...

World Cup 2014 - Day Eleven Open Thread


It's the eleventh day of the World Cup, with Belgium taking on Russia, followed by South Korea versus Algeria. Once that's out of the way, our boys in Red, White, and Blue will take on Portugal,...

Using Soccer to Teach, New Way to Furnish Homes


With the World Cup in full swing (in full kick?) I thought we’d take a look at how UCLA is assisting teachers who use the sport of soccer to engage students and a story about UCLA student...

World Cup 2014 - Day Ten Open Thread


With the Yanks returning tomorrow, we now turn to the tenth day of World Cup action, with Argentina taking on Iran, Bosnia playing Nigerian, and a big Group G battle between Germany and Ghana, with...

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