UCLA Flood: Morning Update

UCLA Flood: Morning Update -- Camps, Recreation and Child Care Closed Today

UCLA Floods: Chancellor Block on Flooding at Pauley

UCLA will assess the damage to Pauley and other structures after drying them out.

Pauley and Drake Are Under Water

UCLA's newly-renovated Pauley Pavilion and Drake Stadium have sustained what looks to be serious damage from a water main break on Sunset Blvd.


Flooding Near UCLA

Just started in the last hour, folks. Per the LA Times report: Severe flooding after an apparent water main rupture in Westwood near UCLA has stranded vehicles and caused road closures,...

Bruin Tweets: UCLA Football Best Artists in Pac-12


Seriously, some of these other submissions are sad.

A Communication Breakthrough for Kids w Autism

This week’s post includes a study re: communication with children with autism, good news for California’s commercial real estate sector, news of a pop star who recorded a performance in Royce Hall...


Penn St. Hires the 2nd Worst AD in the Country

Penn St. Hires the 2nd Worst AD in the Country

Bruin Tweets: UCLA at Pac-12 Media Day


Don't make Brett Hundley angry.

Pac-12 Networks Add International Distribution

Pac-12 Networks Add International Distribution via YouTube

Alford Wants to Move the Student Section at Pauley

Where will the students sit when Alford moves the Student Section?

Bruin Tweets: Coach Hundley


Also: Determine the Swaggiest of them all and a UCLA Special Teams Reunion.

New Modulator Leads to Advanced Imaging, More


This week’s post includes news of a new modulator that might lead to advanced medical and security imaging, one of the world’s most popular soccer teams to train on campus, recommendations for...

Bruin Tweets: Inching Closer to Football Season

Check out the freshmen football unis.

Bruin Tweets: Congratulations Germany


Also: Summer basketball and Lebron opinions inside.

A Brain Prosthesis That Helps Recover Memory


The development of a 'brain prosthesis' to help injured patients recover memory, news from a concussion summit aimed at helping football players and a report that says young smokers are not aware...

Bruin Tweets: Football Games Next Month!


Also: Autobots, roll out and help Adam Plutko.

Bruin Tweets: Russell Westbrook's New Biz Venture


The next building block in the Russell Westbrook fashion empire.

UCLA Campus Report: Diversity in the Dental School


This week’s post includes ways in which UCLA’s dental school is promoting diversity, unraveling translation issues in Chinese medicine, and how sign language students are helping the deaf...

Bruin Tweets: Congrats to Newly Hitched XSF


Happy 4th of July!

Bruin Tweets: It's MYLES Jack, not Miles


Spell it right. Also: World Cup, Kyle to the Spurs, and New Puppies

Campus Report: UCLA - World's #2 Public University


This week’s post includes the announcement that UCLA is the considered the world’s number two public university. Also, Professor Terrence Tao, the Mozart of Math, received a 3 million dollar...

Bruin Tweets: Congrats Zach, Jordan and Kyle


Three UCLA Bruins are picked in the first round of the NBA Draft. Let's celebrate them.

Bruin Tweets: Best Abs Goal Ever


Also: Football Freshmen Move In to the Dorms.

Using Soccer to Teach, New Way to Furnish Homes


With the World Cup in full swing (in full kick?) I thought we’d take a look at how UCLA is assisting teachers who use the sport of soccer to engage students and a story about UCLA student...

Bruin Tweets: JetSki Retires


Plus: World Cup Tweet Thievery

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