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ESPN Attacks Jordan Zumwalt As A "Dirty Player".

A Pac-12 blogger for takes a cheap-shot at a 22-year old college athlete to generate view counts.

Vitale's Ignorant Attack Against Bruin Fans

ESPN analyst Dick Vitale launches ignorant criticism against UCLA basketball fans.

"NO" - Players to Herbstreit Ginning Up Mora/Texas

Herbie: float your coaching thoughts elsewhere.


LA Times' Bootlickers Press On w Trojan Spin

The Trojan bootlickers in the LA Times such as Bill Plaschke and Bill Dwyre are working hard to type out delusional spin to prop up their favorite Trojans.

Classless Media Member Interrupts Mora on Nick

One classless member of the media interrupted Coach Mora's discussion of the death of Bruin WR Nick Pasquale


Bruins Looking Good On the Pac-12 Networks

The Pac-12 Network is off to a solid start covering the Bruins in 2013-14 academic year.


New Bruin "Insider Show" w Coaches & Chianti (?)

UCLA Announces the Bruin Insider Show will air Tuesdays on AM 570


Chianti Wants You to Dump DirecTV

Awkward PSA from Pac-12 featuring Dan Chianti Guerrero -- one of the most incompetent and out of touch ADs in America.


T.J. Simers Out at the LA Times?

Amid speculation, LA sports fan can only hope that the rumors of the professional troll being ousted at the LA Times, are true.

Drop DirectTV

Larry Scott has a pretty simple message for UCLA and Pac-12 fans who are DirectTV customers and are anxious to get Pac-12 network: drop DirectTV. Listen to him.


Pressure Building on Chianti Dan as Media Notices

With Chris Foster exposing Chianti Dan for being either an incompetent buffoon or a dishonest bureaucrat, the pressure continues to build as another national sports outlet mocks our useless, pathetic excuse for an AD with a hilariously snarky jab.

Pac-12 Network Notes: No Sign of DirecTV

News and notes concerning the Pac-12 network from the off-season.

CBS Sports Jumps on Unreasonable UCLA Expectations

Inane attempts by CBS analysts Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley to further the media narrative of unreasonable Bruin basketball fans

Pushback Vs. the "Combative Idiocy" in Natl Media

Highlighting a must read article from that debunks a number of myths floating around in the national media that are being used to denigrate the UCLA basketball program and its fans.

Bomani Jones Tweets the truth about Howland

ESPN Panelist and SB Nation contributor Bomani Jones shares his thoughts via Twitter on Ben Howland and the soon-to be open UCLA Men's Basketball coaching position.

Why the National Media Hates UCLA Basketball

A thorough debunking of the baseless, ignorant and uninformed media narrative of current UCLA basketball fanbase - particularly alumni being spoiled beyond belief by the Wooden dynasty, and would not accept anything short of that success again.

Gottlieb Criticizes Walton, Fails Epically

Doug Gottlieb's moronic comments about Bill Walton only reaffirm the anti-UCLA bias in the media and Gottlieb's idiocy.

The Uninformed National Media Babble

Some poignant thoughts on the uninformed national media commentary on UCLA basketball from one of the most astute and longtime observers, covering the UCLA program.

UCLA AD Lets LAT Columnist Verbally Assault Mora

UCLA’s incompetent athletic department continues to allow a hack columnist from the Los Angeles Times to attack it’s head football coach without any repercussions.

Mora does his job, Media do not do theirs

Mora met with the press, who failed to come up with any questions for the head coach today.

Mora Ambushed

Jim Mora publicly voices displeasure about something we all know - Dan Guerrero's UCLA athletics staff are incompetent. For speaking the truth, he gets ambushed by a lazy media hack in Los Angeles.

Guerrero finds new ways to embarrass himself

Dan Guerrero finds new ways to embarrass himself as the most incompetent athletic director in the country.

AD Fails to stand up for UCLA

UCLA athletic department continues to allow the Los Angeles Times to launch stupid attacks against UCLA.

Topics In Shoddy Journalism: The Media vs. Justin Combs

Topics in Shoddy Journalism: Looking at the manufactured storyline and media criticism of Justin Combs accepting an athletic scholarship to play football at UCLA, the lies forming the foundation of this attack and the hypocrisy of picking on just P.Diddy's son.

More Lazy Journalism: CNN Wrongly Questions Scholarship for Justin Combs

CNN does lazy hack job on future UCLA Player Justin Combs

Bruce Feldman Leaves ESPN, Further Exposes The Dysfunction Of Craig James And tWWL

On leaving ESPN, Bruce Feldman exposed in even greater detail the hypocracy and dysfunction of ESPN. He also serves as one of several recent voices questioning Craig James' position at the network.

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