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Guerrero destroys UCLA Uniforms, Image

Bruins Nation takes a look at UCLA's new football uniform this season and details out how once again Athletic Director Dan Guerrero has completely failed to help build the UCLA brand and allowed...

The NCAA's Sanctions Against Penn State Football


The NCAA has imposed massive sanctions against Penn State's Football program in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky investigation and trial. Given the example of past violent acts in other athletic...

9/11: 10 Years Later. BN Remembers.


9/11: 10 years later. The BN Community Reflects.

Meet Our UCLA Dance Team


Quick preview of the 2010 UCLA dance team.

A Note Of Appreciation For Team USA & Bruins Representing The Stars & Stripes


A Note Of Appreciation For Team USA & Bruins Representing The Stars & Stripes

Memorial Day Open Thread


Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day, while celebrating UCLA softball's trip to World Series and also tracking UCLA baseball's tourney pairings in NCAA's "Selection Monday."

A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!


From Bruins Nation: A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!

Our Latest Frontpager On BN


So ladies and gents we have a brand new addition to our crew of frontpagers/moderators on Bruins Nation. bruinhoo who has been a big part of this community for a while, is joining us as Patroclus....

Happy Thanksgiving Bruins Nation


Happy Thanksgiving Bruins Nation

LETS GO: Step Up For Our Gutty Little Bruin


Let's GO: Step Up For Our Gutty Little Bruin

Rest In Peace Don


I woke up this morning and was browsing through my UCLA reads and then found one of the toughest new I have ever read as a UCLA fan when seeing this thread about "EZ Beach" who was known as "EZ" on...

Happy 4th Bruins Nation


Happy 4th Of July Bruins Nation

North Or South?


I have always wanted to ask this question here on BN. Now that we are in the middle of off season this seems like the perfect time.If you are an alum or a current student you will get this...

Bruins Nation Turns Four


Celebrating Four Years Of Bruins Nation

"Go Bruins" In Outer Space


From UCLA Today: When Space Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-125 lifts off on Monday, May 11, for NASA’s final mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, a proud Bruin will be among the seven...

Baron Davis: Working Towards A "Better And More Peaceful Future"


Former Bruin superstar Baron Davis (who is always worthy of press conferences) blogs on HuffingtonPost: I grew up in South Central LA. It's where my family is, it's where many of my friends are...

Bruin/Niners Legend Randy Cross Joins BN Twitterverse


This is getting fun. Since the post we put up on late Friday about competing against the Trojan's official football blog, our twitter follower count is now up to 198. It was especially cool to see...

Start Following BN In Twitterverse (To Beat '$C)


BruinsNation encourages its readers to join BN in twitterverse (and beat SC).

Marking Our History


Today is a historic day for our nation. Tomorrow is going to be another one. This gives us an opportunity to take a note of Bruin LEGEND ... Jackie running over Oregon State (Photo via B...

A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!


I think it was Class of 66 who made the observation first few days ago in one of the comment threads. In some ways this has been the best December we have enjoyed since we launched this mini Bruin...

Happy Thanksgiving Bruins


As we say every time this time of the year, there are just too many reasons to feel blessed and be thankful for being a member of Bruin Nation: Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld Life is good when you...

Recruiting BN Style


It's been nice to see recruiting pipelines open up for our football team.  And, obviously, it's hard to complain about basketball recruiting as the anticipation builds for a new season. But that's...



According to the LAT, Southern Cal's branding police won a victory over USC (University of South Carolina), convincing the U.S. Trademark Office that Southern Cal owns the rights to the "SC" logo. ...

Happy Independence Day Bruins Nation


We want to wish to everyone a Happy 4th of July.For those who are unfortunate to be stuck in the middle of a Bar Bri summer, at least for today, please get away from those outlines and your...

Bruins Nation: 3 and 3,000,000


They say that things in life often come in 3's. Today, Bruins Nation hit a pretty big 3, with another one just around the corner. Earlier today, Bruins Nation logged its 3,000,000th unique visit...

My UCLA Story


"Riles" have been around the UCLA online message boards for a long time. He was one of the original critics of Steve Lavin. He also was one of the first posters who called out Karl Dorrell. Oh he...

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