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Get Your Oscar Fix, Blog-Style


So, you may be telling yourself that you're here for your daily Bruin fix.  But, we know your real passion.You don't bleed blue and gold.  You love awards shows.  Yep, and Bruins Nation is only sad...

A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!


I love this time of year.  I really do.And even the ups and downs from the ongoing coaching search aren't enough to get me down.In the end, we have a lot to celebrate this holiday season.  We share...

Top 15 Southern Cal Stories of 2007


Just something light to ease the tension until Decision Monday.In honor of Blue and Gold Week Beat SC Week and the Thanksgiving Holiday, I thought I'd say a hearty "thank you" to our friends at...

Happy Thanksgiving Bruins


There are just too many reasons to be thankful in the universe of BN. We are all blessed to be Bruins: Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld And we are thankful to be part of one huge family bleeding...

Trick Or Treat, BN Style


You know what to do if some little brat shows up at your door step wearing a disgusting and repulsive "costume": So things are not fun with our football program. But as bad as things are we...



There isn't much to say that isn't already being better said elsewhere.The fires raging across Southern California from Ventura County to the international border are the lead story on every news...

Whenever, Wherever


Well this was too easy (which is what tomorrow's game should be for our football team). Given another brilliant Meriones find today this was the obvious pick for tonight's video. If that wasn't...

Bruin Raisers


I think just like the infamous ESPN Halloween commerical this video is a must see for all Bruin fans: A mega HT to bruinbabe for spotting that priceleess video and sharing it with BN. GO...

Bruins Nation Gear?


Bumped b/c of all the interest in this topic. GO BRUINS. -N I was toying around with the thought of putting together a Bruins Nation t-shirt, so that those who are so inclined could sport some...

A Conflict of Interest w/ LAT Blogger?


In the comments to the recent post about Rich Perelman, the LAT's new Bruin blogger, it was pointed out the Mr. Perelman might be the official scorer for UCLA hoops.  Others suggested that this...

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